Seth stood in the Tucker's living room, pacing nervously. Haley and Cole were in the room with Sam. Seth and Haley, three weeks from their wedding, had just finished eating dinner with Sam and Cole and were getting their horses ready to head home when Cole had rushed out saying that Sam's water had just broke. Now, Seth was alone in the spacious living room; he hated not knowing anything. He wasn't sure how long he sat there with his head in his hands, but when he heard a baby's cry he immediately jerked his head up. He heard footsteps and smiled when Haley said

"It's a boy, and he's beautiful."

Seth grinned and pulled her into a hug. They stood there for a long minute before Haley said

"Aren't you going in?"

"I want to, and I will, but Sam and Cole need some time. I expect the same respect from them when you and I have children."

Haley grinned at him and stepped closer; her dress was soaked with water or sweat, but Seth didn't care. He pulled her against him and she said

"Hold on a minute; no one said anything about kids."

Seth laughed and kissed the top of her head, falling in love with her all over again. It was amazing the things she did to his heart. He finally looked down at her and said

"You want kids?"

"Sure…with whom?"

Seth laughed again and shook his head. She touched his cheek as he said

"You are impossible, you know that?"

"Yeah, but you love me anyways."

Seth nodded, letting her know she was right. He kissed her softly before Cole's voice broke them apart. Seth looked at his brother-in-law and smiled when he saw the tears on his cheeks. The two hugged tightly before Cole said

"Samantha wants to see you. I'm going to call your parents really quick."

"Hurry back."

Cole nodded and hugged Haley before hurrying out the door. Seth slowly made his way to the back bedroom, he could hear the little cries of his nephew and his heart ached. He knocked once before going in; Sam was lying in the bed with the beautiful baby in her arms. Seth felt his eyes well with tears as he stepped up beside the bed. Sam looked completely spent, but the look on her face meant more than anything. He touched her hair and said

"Hey baby sis. How you doing?"

"Make sure I tell Cole we don't have any more children until this little guy is at least two."

Seth laughed and shrugged; Sam read the simple request easily and offered her son. Seth cradled the baby carefully, falling in love with those beautiful brown eyes. Haley touched his back gently, and he smiled at her. She peaked at the baby before bending down to talk to Sam. Seth glanced down at the two and said to Sam

"Got a name?"

She was quiet for a minute before saying

"I think we're going to go with Mitch."

Seth nodded; Cole's brother would have been honored. Seth talked quietly to Mitch, and grinned when the little infant fell asleep. When Cole got back, Seth handed over his nephew, smiling as Cole quickly stepped in as a proud papa. Seth glanced at Haley who said

"Okay you guys, we're going to take off. We'll stop by tomorrow. Congratulations; Sam, he's beautiful."

Seth hugged Cole, kissed his sister and baby Mitch, and wrapped his arms around Haley as they made their way outside. Just before they got to the barn, though, Seth stopped and said

"You're good with kids, right?"

"I want kids with you more than anything."

Seth smiled down at her and kissed her gently. As they continued on their way to the barn, Seth thought of the journey he was about to start. The fear was still there, but he was determined not to let it win. Haley was by his side; that's all he ever needed.