It says there is a shiver in my spine,
and an arrow in my heart, bleeding, bleeding, bled –
no more cake for you, it cackles.
Like Lucy in the sky with diamonds but without the drugs it whispers,
always there inside my head. Preying on my thoughts –
praying for my SOUL.
It says my skin doesn't fit, but then again at least I got some,
which is more then it can say – just a voice playing the piano,
a laugh on the guitar, fate on the harp(oon).

Remember when we were young and it was just you and me,
seeing who could eat their popsicle sloooooooooower and I always
ate mine faaaaaaaaaaster so you would win. But I think you did the
same thing – so things never quite worked out, did they?

There's that voice just on the bridge of my eyelids, FORCING
me to see what it wants.
But now the popsicles have melted and all I have left is the puddle by my
feet. Now all I have left is that voice, and it calls me closer to the edge.
I want to fly, but I won't jump. It tells me I'll too much of a COWARD,
but for the moment I know better.
I'm stuck in this two-star town, houses that all look them same. Careful now,
don't walk into a cactus, now. That would hurt, now, wouldn't it?
And I think I'm going craaaaaaaaaazy.

Maybe tomorrow I'll recover.