by, Cassandra

Lather, rinse, repeat. Watch the dirt swirl down the drain, and hope to god it stays there. Hope to whatever would-be power that might exist that this time you'll learn from your mistakes.

Like you never did before. Like you never will… ever.

You forget that this is just a part of life. You fall, you hurt, and sometimes you break. You force yourself back up on your feet, brush off the dirt, and hope like hell that's all that's to it. Hope like hell that you haven't dug yourself in too deep.

You should know better then that by now.

Scatter the ashes of your past behind you as you run away from those who need you. Reach out your hand to those who are hurting. Those who have been used and abused (will use and abuse). They'll always need more then what you have to give.

Money's easy, and talk ain't cheap.

Talk to me.
Need me.
Love me.
Get to know me…
before it's too late.

(I don't need anything else.)