The words echoed all about, delving into the depths of his very consciousness. Amazing! A pixie! A pixie that could speak his language! A mildly attractive one, to top it off! Could it be love? Oh, yes, he had just met her, and she would probably kill him, perhaps eat him… Maybe she would have to marinate his subtle skin with her own light touch, roasting him a light brown. Oh, glory. Women were quite hard to come by in his own home… For one to-

I shall stop here, reader, as if I listed all of his many thoughts, they alone could fill this story many times over. It's best not to over-analyze these things, really. For example: "Perhaps people should not reproduce. It would certainly help rid us of the idiots." It's all quite profound. Perhaps if none of us had sex, (or in our hero's case, bud off a child) the world would be for the better. But these things are pointless to discuss. So I'll continue with the story.

The girl nudged him ever so slightly- yes, her fingers were soft, and silky, and… Any other adjective he could think of… Besides ugly and horrible and all that wish-wash. Oh, no. None of that- that was plain rude. But yes- delight, discord, destruction. All of that.

"Well? Are ya gonna talk, mate?"

The sudden fury in her words shocked him. A woman? Talking to him like that? Perhaps he wasn't respected and maybe he couldn't fence… Oh, sure, he couldn't carry a large sword, either, but this? Indignant. It was a personal matter to him now. He would show her how things are, he would-

"Yes… I, um, can."

"Oh, jolly good then!" she responded with a bound and a stride towards an outpost far in the distance "Well c'mon now! We have to get to the mountain, what what?"

What was she talking about? Mountains? Crazy girl.

"Oh, erhm, wait now, what's your name?"

"Name's Fate, guv. Yours?"

He mulled that over for a bit- what was his name? He never really thought about it, and nobody really told him… Oh, yes, he had parents- many, in fact, some whom tried to escape constantly. Most were like the thing before him- others were something else entirely. They moaned for their 'children', as if they had some kind of attachment to them- "Sora!" "Oliver!" "Sunny! Violet! Klaus!" They called it kidnap… Impossible, he always pointed out- they were adults, naturally. Regardless, none told him his name, and so, he shall remain nameless. The dear reader is urged not to look too far into this.

"I dunno. Um… What… creature… are you?"

"Oh, mate, I'm a dwarf! Can't ya tell?"

It was quite obvious that she wasn't what most would at all consider a dwarf- in fact, she was taller then him. Beautiful, flowing auburn hair, such perfect light on the misty horizon. It was always misty. Maybe the gods didn't wish for them to see very far so it wouldn't stress the fates. He had been told the system couldn't handle HDR lighting or a very nice frame rate- Whatever that meant. He was promptly put to death for heresy

"No, not really...I'm new to the area, actually. I don't know much, I'm not respected- I don't know how to- Say, you know how to handle a sword?"

"'Fraid not, mate."

"Oh… Just take me to that outpost over there."

"That wha- Oh, you mean the mountains! Right, that's what I came here for…"

He merely shrugged. No need to put up with the insane…