She'd never wanted anything as much as she'd wanted this.

Perhaps it was because it was so unreachable,

a goal that hovered inches above her greedy fingers.

Maybe it was to spite her parents, who didn't want to see

their baby girl grow up and run away.

But the words! Oh, how they called to her!

Whispering their secrets in her ears as she dreamed,

caressing her eyelids with beautiful images.

Her lips would silently form words, like a possessed woman

she wrote them without realizing it.

I want this, I want this, I want this

until they lost their meaning and went back to being a

maddening ache in her throat.

She'd never been so driven.

At last she had a passion, as impossible as it was.

She feared that, without this, she would wilt like

the plants she'd forgotten to water.

So intense was this dream that she was soon unable to see

the way to reach it.