Come here, look here girl
Tell me what you see in that mirror
A horse, a great dark stallion
which carries you into the sunset?
The silhouette of a tall man with a sword
to fight away your fears and appease your tears?
A decorative paper with a ranking drawn on
that you proudly display with a frame in your office?
Look here, girl, and I'll tell you a secret
Whispered into your ears and we'll giggle
like the little girls we were years ago.
The mirror lies and truth cannot defy
the state of mind that destiny tries to hide.

Remember that time when we ran into the ocean
And the waves carried our souls past the lies?
Our hearts could not bear it longer and we began to scream
The world became dark and future became bleak,
and the glowing sun whispered we were weak.
Remember the hand I looked for in the water?
And I found it and we sank together
Our voices stopped and we stared at each other
Until the water rose too high for the air to live.
The world was quiet, except for my silent screams
but destiny had no plan to show me truth that day
And I opened my eyes and there you were on the beach
Clutching my pale hand and gazing far away.

Now that you remember, girl
You will be delighted to know
The mirror lies but truth cannot defy
the state of life destiny tried to hide.
It was too slow for me and I saw it that day
When the flowers sunk just a bit lower
The sun seemed a bit darker
The sand grew colder and the world became smaller
And now as I stand before that same water
Take my hand, girl, and you shall see for yourself
And this time, destiny won't try to hide
behind the shadow of our smiles
The mirror shall be broken and we shall be free.