First, my Soldier;

Second, my Love;

Fighting for those things

Which he cannot give up.

To him, I am second —

His country comes first.

And I am content to live

Shadowed in her berth.

Because, although I

Come in second,

I know his heart is mine.

And although he leaves me

To protect her,

He always comes

Home to me

Time after time after time.

So I know that

He loves me,

Even if I'm not always first.

I also know that

It could always be worse.

I always remember:

He does it for me;

To serve and protect so that I

May live and breathe free.

And, because I know this,

Because I understand,

I can look him in the eye —

Take him by the hand,

And tell him:

First, you are my Soldier,

Second, you are my love.

But, regardless of the order,

You're the man for whom

I'd give any thing up.


L. Kantenseter