A/N: This is a short story I wrote in my Modern Lit. class. We had to journal and make a short story with imagery or personification. I tried to incorperate both. Enjoy! Don't forget to R&R. )

In the solitude of the country where no one could ever see her, in the midst of the thick, green, fabric-y ears of corn where only the warmth of the white rays of sunshine could reach, she would begin to fly. Her bright, white eagle wings that were nearly as large as she would unfurl and welcome the sunlight. Feather after white feather would spread apart from each other, until her wings were outstretched as far as they could. She stretched with her wings, her palms upturned to the magnificent blue sky that one could only imagine. Puffy clouds of cotton floated in the sky, obscuring bits of the blue sky she loved.

But looking at the sky and stretching her wings was not enough to satisfy her. She crouched down the ground, her palms now in the dirt, and bent forward to maintain her balance. Then, she jumped; into the air, higher and higher until the green ears of corn below her merged into one form, until she could no longer pick out any path she had made in the field where she was. She didn't know how she controlled her wings, yet they did as she commanded, beating effortlessly against the wind and forces of nature. She soared to her hearts desire, the comfort of her wings beating a steady rhythm behind her. Into the cotton clouds she went, trying to collect a bit to take home with her. She knew she would never get any, but she tried anyway. The cool moisture of the cloud hit her face and her arms, and the fog before her clouded her vision. A slight darkness engulfed her, and the pure happiness she was feeling did not waiver. She escaped the cloud and entered back into the sunlight, the warmth now hitting her body and her heart which had been exploding into joy from the freedom she had experienced.