This story is a true love story and not a work of fiction...
Starting Over

A boring Sunday. Sitting on my bed. The sun is peaking through my partially closed crimson blinds. Staring ahead thinking about my love. He's out right now. He's with Lee. He's texting me the whole time telling me how extremely bored he is. I don't blame him. I meet Lee. Lee is boring not Jasons type at all. Lee is a sweet guy and does love Jason so I get why Jason doesn't want to break Lee's heart. If Jason broke up with Lee for me Lee would be devastated. There is a small tap on my door.

I look up and Jason is standing there. He's in an extremely sexy outfit. Tight-fitting Jeans and a button down shirt. The top few buttons are undone so I can see the top of his chest. He walks in and sits on the bed next to me. We don't speak for a minute. We both feel a little awkward because we both know where he was. So its been taking a minute to forget about it. Out of nowhere Jason tells me...

"I broke up with Lee..."

"You did?"

"I didn't want to break Lee's heart but I know that a relationship with you will be extremely hard if I'm dating him and I want it to work. I'm in love with you...I'd die for you."

I am never the one who takes charge. He's always holding MY hand and HE'S always the one kissing ME. This time thought I don't know what changed my mind. I leaned over and kissed him. He laid down all the way on my bed and I laid down on top of him. I continued to press our lips together as if I they were stuck. My hand started feeling up and down his chest. We started making out passionately. He took his shirt off and I kissed his chest. Things started to progress and I continued to kiss him. I kissed his neck as we pressed our bodies closer together. Everything was at full growth when I finally took my shirt off. I kissed him.. Then Jason turned us over so he was on top of me kissing me He put his head down and whispered in my ear. "I love you."

"I love you too" I said.

Then he whispered something else in my ear which I really respect and appreciate now.

"I love you too much to do anything further than this. You're 16 and I know you've never done anything like this before. So I'm going to stop here."

"...yeah..." I said. I can't say I wasn't disapointed at the time.

"Happy Birthday..." he said.

"He kissed me again."