I am disappearing,
no one can see.

No one will, no one cares to look,
I cling to the fringes of my former self,
and wonder where I went,

sometimes I feel, If you were to open me up,
all these ugly things would pour out,
just like the tears that you,
can't care to notice.

The only memories I can keep now,
are the ones when my menace,
alarm clock is ringing,
and caged bird is singing.

Caged girl is running,
hanging by a thread,

caged girl... is dying.

I've lost my memories,
can't recall yesterday,
But I remember you asking me,
which songs I didn't like,
and more and more, now that I listen,
I fall in love with their awful sound.

I met my savior one day,
But I can't remember the sound of his voice,
I can't remeber his voice,
or his words of grace,
I only wish I could return his gift,
unopened in its package,
but its too late for that.

I can remember his eyes,
I thought I saw them in the crowd,
I wish I knew,
One day I thought I saw them on a crow,
such a menacing figure,
with those piercing eyes of blue,

it chilled me,
thrilled me,
like I never knew before.

Love lost me somewhere along the road,
of presciption pill addictions,
and sad songs that sing to me,
in vague levels of consciousness,

I lost you somewhere,
while I was too s c a tt e re d,
to find myself.



Some words are lies.