Trapped Angel

By: JC Lynn

Section 1



-On the day of the end of the earth there will be a great fire and creatures will rise free of the Gateway. The Guardian will be trapped by an unknown evil even to himself. Mankind will have to leave and find a new home upon a place that the fairies have prepared. This is the fate of all mankind.-


On the eve of 2030 a great fire struck mankind unknowingly and like the prophecy said the demons rose untamed by the Gateway. The Guardian was trapped. Cookee, the head fairy lifted off the earth with the help of a 100 passenger ship and left their dear home. This was mankind's darkest day.


Year 3130…

Chamomile was late for school again. She treaded down the long halls of the Colony to her classroom, 42-B. She was always running late, her Godfather tried to keep her from being late but she always dismissed his help. She didn't need his help or so she thought. She thought the guy was odd and useless, just like her mother said he was. Cham's Godfather wept the first time she actually said 'you're useless and odd' to his face. That's when she confirmed it that he was a wuss and nothing to anyone. She finally got to her classroom and rushed inside. The teacher Kaekoee gave her a disappointed glare as she toke her seat next to her best bud. The room was set up so the computers were just below a platform where the munchkin teacher stood. It was made this way so the teacher wouldn't feel so small.

"Your tardiness is getting to be bothersome, Carato," Kaekoee said in her fairy squeak.

"Sorry, it's not my prob that Ricky lives so damn far away from here," Cham snorted.

"That's not the point and don't swear. Why doesn't Ricky just get you roller blades to get here faster?" Kaekoee wondered.

"He did, but I refuse to use anything that faggot gave me as a gift even if they are the new K300's," Cham replied with a snort.

"You should be grateful you have Ricardo Domino as a Godfather, he's one of our most trusted scientists," Kaekoee replied.

"And he's a faggot demon. I hate him; he's so weird and not human. How can you trust a non-human when the demonics were the one's that destroyed our home," Cham argued.

"He wasn't a follower of Deana and he's an A-class. We've always trusted demons who were A-class or higher," Kaekoee scowled.

"So, I think all non-humans shouldn't be trusted because of what happened in 2030," Cham replied.

"Whatever, at least your paying attention in History class," Kaekoee sighed.

"You don't need education to know what happened that day. Everyone on this colony knows about it," Cham said.

"Anyways, you should have more respect for Ricardo, he was there the on the Darkest Day. He saw what Deana did and weeps for those fallen, human and demonic alike," Kaekoee scolded.

"Yea, right," Cham snorted.


Cham was walking home when two demons came up through a portal, well they didn't exactly come up, more like they came down because the portal was on the ceiling and they crash landed in a heap. How embarrassing! Cham chuckled slightly as they struggled to get untangled and up on their feat. (A/N-Way to ruin the moment boys-) When they did they growled at Cham and she screamed as they shot fire balls at her face. (A/N-much better fellas-) She thought she was dead when someone jumped in front of her and block the fire attacks. She gasped for her savior was Ricky. Ricky then turned to the demons and shot energy balls at them. Then they spontaneously combusted and screamed in agony as the turned to ash; their ashes fell to the metal floors then disappeared. She couldn't believe her eyes.

'Maybe he did live through the Darkest Day after all,' Cham gasped inwardly.

"Are you all right Cham?" Ricky asked her.

"Yea, I'm okay. No damage done," Cham smiled then fainted from shock.

Ricky quickly caught her in his arms and then carried her home, bridal style.


At home Cham woke up to see Ricky staring at her with concerned eyes. He looked like he was going to cry.

"I thought you said you were okay," Ricky pondered.

"I am, I fainted from shock of the incident especially you coming to my rescue," Cham replied.

"Oh, well, you're my goddaughter, I didn't want you to die," Ricky said with concern in his voice.

"Oh, sorry for worrying you," Cham apologized.

"No big deal. It's my duty to protect you," Ricky smiled.

Then he got up off her bed and left to her doorway then turned off the lights to let her sleep, then he closed the door to her bedroom. Sleep toke over Cham and she drifted into dreamland.

End Pt. 1