Chandeliers make such pretty showpieces
Keep up with the Jones' or the world will end
because life is image and nothing else matters

No honey you're not depressed
You do not have any problems
only sunshine and rainbows
ignore the lightening and thunder
It's not really there because
the water would ruin your curls
and Mommy paid good money
for your them, its the newest style
and will help you attract the boys

Hush honey of course you like boys
You only like girls as friends
You'll give me beautiful grandchildren
Well assuming they don't get your nose
or your eyes or your smile or your teeth
Anyway run along now mommy's relaxing
the nanny is here for you to talk to

Well, of course I love you
and don't tell anyone otherwise
because then they will talk
and the chandelier will crash
and we'll cut ourselves on the crystal
and we'll bleed on the beautiful marble
and I'd hate to pay the maid overtime