Chandeliers make such pretty showpieces.
Surpass the Jones' or the world will implode
because life is image and nothing else matters.

No, honey you cannot be depressed.
There are no problems money can't solve.
Ignore the lightning and thunder,
it is nonexistent in our world because
the water would ruin your curls
and Mommy sacrificed botox for them
to make you princess beautiful so that
all the boys will crave your love,
but the highest bidder always wins the prize.
And you'll give me beautiful grandchildren-
well, assuming they don't inherit your
witch nose, zombie eyes, or excess weight.
Anyway, run along now mommy's relaxing
and the nanny is here to be your plaything.

Well, of course I love you
and don't tell anyone otherwise
or they will gossip in deafening whispers
forcing the chandelier to crash.
We'll cut ourselves on the crystal.
We'll bleed on the Rosa Aurora marble.

Your mess darling, you clean it.
You know I detest paying the maid overtime.

A/N: The one thing I wanted to change but couldnt figure out how to was the line life is image and nothing else matters.. any suggestions would be insanely appreciated