I want to devour you,

Rend your body with my teeth and tongue and spit you out,

Kiss you with your blood on my lips,

On my tongue, then yours.

I want to take your dying breath into my own lungs and exhale it into the world anew,

Wholly anew,

With your soul shivered into a thousand shining particles,

Glass and diamond detritus,

To provide the light for a hundred dying stars.

You are my dying star.

I will snuff you out, feel the fission collapse around me,

Cold like your blood never was

(never will be, once I bring it into myself,

for I have fire at the core,

I am vitriol and spite and dragonsteeth

cruel where you were mere light on the water).

I rode your solar winds to the end, but now the end is here,

And what fear you had is gone,

Gone like the heart you gave unto them,

A burgundy drench,

Unto the trillion starving plants

Until your love was lost to the chlorophyll

Dissected and masticated and respired, regenerated

Into the moon

And the eyes of chimera in the woods,

Whose cruel claws call to cannibalistic sympathies.

I rode your solar winds until the end

As the scavenger, the vulture,

The raven on the eve of battle.

We are at the eve after,

And you are mine.

They have had your heart,

But I will have your soul,

The red of your lips,

The fire of your fading gasp,

And they will shine forever against my darkness.