Twisted Time: Crymzon's Future

Part. 1 The Beginning

'Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. They're always complainin', always complainin'. If money's such a problem, well they got mansions, think we should rob them.' The radio was blaring out Good Charlotte into the small blue sports car.

Crymzon was pounding on the steering wheel to the beat of her favorite band. Her curly red hair was flowing in the breeze coming through the opened window. "Crymzon, could you PLEASE change the station? You know how much I hate this kind of music." Jeff said. Jeff and Crymzon had been going out for a few months, and it didn't take her long to find out that he wasn't really into punk/pop bands.

She sighed dejectedly and said, "Fine, hon." She turned the knob that was attached to the stereo and found a country station. She wasn't really into country, but whatever he wanted, she would willingly give to him. Crymzon had known Jeff for a very long time, and sooner or later she had fallen deeply in love with him, and he said that he felt the same. She loved his messy black hair and nice black eyes to match it. He looked so dark and mysterious.

She continued driving, trying to tone out the horrible music as well as she could. She and Jeff were going on a road trip to Las Vegas, where most of the rest of his family lived. She tapped her long fingernails on the steering wheel in exasperation. The music was apparently singing about their long lost dog or something, and she couldn't quite figure out what the appeal was of it. She noticed Jeff staring at her with a dreamy look on his face. Crymzon pursed her lips and locked his gaze. She didn't like to be stared at. "What?" she asked.

His thin lips curled into a small smirk. "You have very nice eyes." She smiled inwardly. Jeff always liked to compliment her completely out of the blue, which was part of why she liked him so much.

"Well, I'm glad you think so, because I cant say I'm very fond of hazel." Her eyes were incredibly big and a murky shade of hazel. She always sort of wanted green eyes, but she wasn't about to go out and buy colored contacts or anything.

Suddenly, she felt a vibration in her back pocket. "Oh!" she exclaimed, reached into her pocket and pulled out her yellow flip phone. "Hello?" she answered into it, turning down the radio so that she could hear.

"Hey, Crym." It was Dad.

"Oh, hi, Daddy. What's up?" Crymzon listened intently as he explained that he was just calling to check up on them. She knew he was really calling because he wanted to make sure Jeff wasn't being 'inappropriate'. She was seventeen and her Dad STILL worried about her with boys. She must have had a million boyfriends by now, and he still wasn't used to her dating.

"Look, Dad, Jeff hasn't molested me or anything yet. If he does, don't worry, I'll call." She said sarcastically.

"Crymzon Clarisse Darona, do not use that tone with me!" he yelled back at her. Amazing, she could be so far away from him and his voice was still as loud as it would have been if he was standing right in front of her.

Crymzon could hear her sister in the background. She strained her ears to hear what she was yapping about now. 'Look, mom. I got another A+! My teachers are really talking about moving me up to a higher grade now…' Crymzon could feel herself slip into "jealousy mode". Her sister, Salem, was always making incredible grades in Science and Math. Salem was a year younger than her and a complete nerd. A vision of Salem flashed through her head. Salem had short black hair with white veins entwined in it. She had black horned rimmed glasses and large hazel eyes like Crymzon. Besides the hair, Salem looked incredibly like Crymzon. Their body figure and facial features were much alike. Crymzon felt she had really gotten the beauty in the family, all the same. She wore contacts instead of wearing any dorky glasses and her hair was absolutely gorgeous! Though, sometimes, she wished that perhaps she could have inherited the brains of the family. Its not that she was stupid, but the C's she made didn't look good next to her sister's talent.

"You there, Crym?" the phone spoke, awaking her from her thoughts.

She frantically thought of something to say. "Oh, yea. I mean, yes, sir."

There was a pause on the other end. "Well, okay. Have fun, honey."

"Alright," she answered.

She hung up the phone and caught Jeff staring at her again. She rolled her large hazel eyes. "What now?" she said intolerantly.

He grinned widely. "Careful, Crymzon, I don't want to have to molest you." She laughed dryly and he put his gentle hand on her thigh. Crymzon was usually fine with being touched, but the car trip had put her a little bit on the edge. She slapped his hand away.

Jeff made a look of mock-pain. "Oh, Crym, you slap so hard. Such a mean, mean girl." He joked. He reached over and started tickling her ribs.

"Jeff!!!! Stop!" she pleaded between giggles. He began getting rougher with his intense tickling and she took her hands off the wheel to push him away.

Jeff's dark eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and he yelled, "CRYM! WATCH OUT!" Before Crymzon knew it, she had crashed into a large truck. Her world went dark for a moment, and she awoke to find herself laying in a pile of seared metal from her car.

Jeff was on the phone. "Mr. Darona, we had a wreck." He sounded frantic and scared. He kept nervously glancing at her. "Crymzon is hurt, sir!" He was practically shouting into the phone. Jeff hung up the phone and looked over at Crymzon.

"Hold on, babe. He'll be here soon." Crymzon's whole body was searing with an deep pain. Her vision was growing darker and out of focus. She stared up at Jeff and tried to hold on and not pass out. She felt blood leaking from her head. 'I'll just shut my eyes for a bit…' she thought to herself. She closed her hazel eyes and sunk into a coma.