For you.

You hold my hand, and with it my mind, and with those my heart.
You know who you are :)

The View from the Summit

Imagine our love:
A boat of strong wood,
Afloat the ocean, with waters gleaming and slippery,
With liquid hands that reach to touch the hull
To grab the bow, and pull the vessel under.

Imagine my love, (yes, you, my love),
A bird possessing such mighty wings
That you carry me above all storms
Penetrating the thick black clouds
As if they were gossamer strands of nothing,
And we float on the breezy breath of the morning.

Imagine all love
Capable of so much, able to turn the world
Upside down, right side up, and any direction we'd like
Just to say it can. To prove it exists.
And to soar, a bird on the wind and a ship on the sea,
Above the materiality of so many,
And bask in the brilliant light of the sun
That, we know, can only be felt from hundreds of miles
Above the ground.