"Hello Love, can you hear me well? This static has been clinging. I know I am the last voice you expected. Even though I beg, listen to me now. Otherwise my life might feel rejected.

It's been a few months since you tossed me; you left me for that dastardly deed. Even so; I think it's quite alright. As long as you just listen to me now.

You wouldn't want to be responsible, would you? For anything ever, now as I think about it, at that matter. But would you like to break it to her stern temper; that no one heard my last few words because you would just whimper?

I don't approve of the way you carry yourself love,

Honestly though, that's nothing new.

What all I need is for once is for you to listen.

Maybe prove your vapid life now has a use.

Oh now, forgive me for that last line. Bitterly I speak of your past deeds; I've always thought your life was a glorious one. Hear it now, listen to me. This may be, the last few words I ever utter. Although, I sit here and I shudder it's not what you think, but something different.

I'm scared of losing you.

Hah, I never understood how silly that sounded, till my breath just let it out. Oh my, that was redundant; can I sit here and pout? Never mind, my mind is lapsing, it needs a few minutes. Let me clear the air, and then if I dare, I'll attempt this again.

I'm not sure why I called you, of all the sick sadistic, overindulgent bastards that I know. It could be the fact that I love your curves; the sickening twist of your spine and all that you deserve. But I couldn't tell you honestly.

I am sitting here, looking out and I'm trapped inside my car. Oh yes, did I forget to mention again?

There's been a little incident.

The snow, is, oh I would say, 5 foot on top of me. Unless they show up soon, there is no way out of here, and I figured I would call you.

Pssht! Leave your work be. It can wait for a few minutes; my life is something more important I promise.

I want you to know, that I forgive you for him. Even through all the incidents and accidents you had. Also, I would like to mention what I have hidden in my home. On your side of the bed, let's hope you didn't forget which it is; a box is hidden under your old favorite pillow. I know it seems childish, but I sleep with it every night. But oh god, I hope it doesn't rub off to make me like you; I don't need to be that shallow. On the inside is a little letter, I hope you get to read it soon. The battery is dying and I don't hear an ambulance on the way, so think on your way over to watch me die you could pick up your letter?"

The signal cut, and I didn't hear his voice. That little melody he had been singing. I left my job, for the first and final time, I was in a flurry to get to where I needed to be. I knew right away, I had to get the letter. Otherwise even if he lived, he would be dead. So I ran, using the key I still kept, to break in, and then I hung it back around my neck.

I grabbed the box, and ran out to my car, driving along I pried it open.

"I swear, this key will fit anything," I said cussing. It even fit him at one point now that I remember.

Inside was a letter, addressed with my name, drawings covering all the edges. Tenderly opening the flap, the ones he never sealed, I pulled out the paper and began to read and honestly listen.

"Dear lover,

If you're reading this, I honestly doubt my will to survive. I know by the time you reach where I now lay, you won't be able to open my eyes. So promise me this, you'll throw this out the window, after the words are in your head they'll never leave. I'd like to give back to the earth itself, because with me gone, it's the one that truly needs.

I swear I hated you for leaving. That's why I kept your number on my speed dial. Honestly, I despise your every fiber. It's also the reason why I wear your clothes except for once in awhile. I was probably coming to see you and something went amuck. Probably lost control or got hit by a big, old truck. Never mind, let's get down to the letter. Read it once, that's all you'll need.

I love you, and I never have stopped. But you did at some point and I am okay with that. But I swore, and now I keep my promise, to honor all my words. I know it seemed absurd when I said it, but I guess now it's true. I'll die the minute you stop saying I love you."

As I looked ahead I saw them pulling it away; that little tiny car had been crushed under the weight. I kissed the letter, and threw it out the window. I said I'll see you soon my love.

Next thing I knew, the lights went out. His final resting place is where my car slammed into.