The Asp and the Willow Alex Salisbury

I looked outside on that rainy day, the tears staining the window pane. Could I believe all I knew, with my breath so clear as day? The frost nipping at my fingers, my mind is just a blur. Would he ever leave me?

The rain that day was horrendous; Bellowing like a kraken of the embryo night, wrapped in the innocence it had forlorn. But I sat there, hoping it would dispel itself like a bird upon a worm. But it wouldn't leave, it couldn't. It was as real as you and I. The hate between us, formed out of his abandoning of our love. How could he do this to me after all this time I wondered? Was I really that bad a person?

It had all happened so fast, I had seemingly forgotten it. But this was my recollection, the canvas he had filled.

Obsession demands compulsion, and that is but a demon on a string.

I had awoke and thought the day would be simple. Pulling my willowed frame from the nightly abode, reluctantly I pulled his arms from around me. Kissing his forehead, I lifted myself from the bed, making sure to wrap the large blankets back around him. My little squirrel was snug now, even without his hare. Walking to the mirror, I fiddled with my unruly hair as I pondered on what to wear. The one he likes so much. It seemed to answer itself. Pulling on the black, knit undershirt and pulling the red t-shirt over it, I slid on the jeans he favored so much, the ones we had drawn on together. Fixing the necklace that caressed my skin, I smiled as I lightly combed my hair, admiring both myself and his sleeping form in the mirror. I really was lucky beyond words.

At least I had thought, and hoped.

As I pulled on my shoes and gave him another quick kiss goodbye, his body still not stirring, I reminded myself to get him a few throw pillows and such to cuddle with in bed when I left, and to make sure I picked up everything I would need for his birthday.

It was wonderful actually, and his own idea. My birthday, the 21st, our anniversary, the 22nd, then his birthday, the 23rd. I had missed having him on my birthday and our anniversary, but he had gotten in late last night from a business call. Being one of the cities top linguists, when large clients come in for companies, he can be required to stay on hand. But today would be perfect, I had it planned.

Unfortunately, plans don't always go as they should. The goal was to run out and pick up what I would need for the party and breakfast, arriving back around 9 to fix him his birthday meal. Then, he would head out till around noon with money I would give him, and when he returned, the entire bash would be set up.

But it faltered almost as soon as I got back with his breakfast. Fixing it and serving it to him in bed, I realized I had forgotten many a thing for the party in my haste to get back before he did. Thus, it would have to be moved till 1, but I couldn't let him know he was having a party, so I improvised. I told him that I had been called into work and that I would be back as soon as I could and handed him some money to go spend out, thanking me with a kiss I headed out to do my shopping, hoping he would be gone when I got back.

Oh now, I only wish.

When I returned, the door was unlocked and I could hear the shower running. Hoping to surprise him, I set everything up as quickly as I could and hid most of it, ready to send him on his way to shop and fix up the house.

But then I was taken by surprise; I heard giggling and the shower turning off. Problem being, it wasn't my squirrels giggle. It sounded like that of an asp, conniving, manipulative, venomous.

I was paralyzed, hearing the conversation from my third party view, almost as if an artisan, I painted out the entire situation from the bits I was gathering.

"So he still has no clue about us?" posed the Asp.

"None whatsoever," uttered the squirrel, "He even gave me money to shop with today. He will be gone awhile, so after we finish up, we can head out and buy a few things."

"Sounds like a plan baby", sounded the Asp.

"Baby?" I slowly uttered to myself. This couldn't be happening, but it was. As I walked towards the door I heard them falling on the bed, the kissing, the sin in commence. Panicked, I just sat there, with no hopes of what to do. Listening, it kept going and going. The sounds echoing against my conscience like an unsettled spirit, ravaging the parts of me that still existed. Finally, I heard them talking and realizing they were preparing to come out, I just sat there, still shocked.

Appearing out of the bedroom were the Squirrel, my lover, and the Asp, turning out to be my dear friend. When the Asp saw me, he quickly alerted the other, both of them gazing at me.

It was funny, until that day, I had never understood the shear hate people have for the phrase, "I can explain." But I do now. Hearing none of it, I burst into tears. With no other choices, I screeched for them both to get out and making a mess of destruction and chaos I tore through the apartment, his idea, not mine, and got rid of all I could.

How could this be happening? So I just pulled myself into the window and sat, watching it rain.

It's the third day now since it's happened, and I watch myself in the window, looking to catch my own actions. The door is locked and I just cry when he tries to come around, and I definitely don't answer it. I just watch the rain, and bathe in my own turmoil.

How could this be happening?

I hated him now, more then I had any other person in my life. I sat, the weeping willow, revealing yet a story unto myself.

I sat posed with my hair cascading my face, as the ivy of the willow does. The tears staining my passions and morals, I was nothing but a grand wisent in the eve. Could this changing of season finally bring my humbled, aged depression to an end? Was this the conclusion of my consummate pain? I had no idea, actually.

But as I bawled my eyes out, I remembered it so clear.

The rain that day was horrendous; Bellowing like a kraken of the embryo night, wrapped in the innocence it had forlorn.

Thus the process commenced; the willow stood its ground, harking to the gale, while the Asp slithered round, suffocating the Hare. Yet the Squirrel did not care, his Hare was losing breath, but he didn't seem to care at all. Asp succumbs to the last of the Hare, constricting it in sight. I the Willow, weeping and dead, couldn't watch this fornication.

Oh Squirrel, where have you went, so inclined to leave me behind?

I forget all of it now, except the pain.

That and something else entirely was causing me this grief.

I remember the rain that day; it almost swept me away.