I sit here encased in the flames of the wish

Dwelling with mind and memory on kiss

But as my vacant eyes search the shadows on walls

Nothing is there but the origami of the call

Like an ancient dance never performed

Rearranging those of eloquent reform

Preparing my blade as they dance with demons

This could be it, the malady of the sea man

Let rip the tides onto this shore

I hope it drowns all the whores

Sitting on corners, and streets and on mores

Fuck you sluts, this heresy is war!

Secrets kept and across walls they swept

Assassins of the night, yet denizens of the deep

Harboring the shallows and the whims of the forsaken

Anything could come from these vengeful creatures

Come forth now and swallow the sea

A mighty beast from city to city

Purging those unfit and unclean of their rapture

Treachery is teaming and this lust is mutiny;