Chapter 1
A little story by Bea and Gwen

Mari walked down the town of Bunkyo, and sighed. It was her first day away from hometown Shibuya, and she missed it. But she got a scholarship to Hirotaki academy, and couldn't pass down the offer. She was lucky to get accepted, for Hirotaki was one of the best boarding school for high school students. As she entered the academy, she saw a group of people huddled in the halls, talking. She decided to she what the commotion was about.

The commotion was actually Toshio Yukimura, who again was held back second year. He had a big mouth, acted like a smart-ass, but was actually dim-witted. The people were Toshio's posse, who was talking about him.

Mari was angered. People like this are complete bastards, why the hell is that guy popular and have posses? she grimanced. All of a sudden, the smart ass spotted her.

Toshio smirked while walking to Mari. His face was really close to hers. "You know...Looking into someone's eyes tells me a lot about them. The only thing yours aren't telling me is your name. Toshio...Toshio Yukimura, you might as well remember, since you might be screaming it later."

Mari rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she got what he meant. "YOU PERVERT!" she screamed, and slapped Toshio across the face.

Mari 'hmmphed' and turned away. "I have no intention of talking with perverts, and boys like you. Men are only pigs who treat women as inferiors, with the exception of my step father and brother. No, excuse me, I have to find my way around this place." The girl ran off.

"Shouldn't she be head over heels over me already? Damn, that chick has spunk." Toshio thought and went the other direction where Mari went. Still, his posse was following him.

I think I'll make her my new toy. the young man thought, and smirked. He spotted the girl trying to open her new locker, but with no such luck. The egostical teen approached her, leaning on his locker. "Look's like we're locker buddies, Hun."

"God hates me..." Mari mumbled under her breath. Loud enough, Toshio heard.

"Why would he hate you, hun?" He moved a little closer. "After all, you're beautiful." The black-haired girl sighed. "Ugh, I don't like boys, so just leave me alone bastard."


It was the first day of all classes. Mari was sitting there in the middle of the class. The teacher introduced some other kid...Uh-Oh, Toshio. "You may sit there next to Ms. Hikaru." The teacher said. Toshio smirked. "What's up, babe?"

"Leave me alone, dumbass." she muttered under her breath. "You need some more brain cells, so pay attention." She rolled her eyes.

Toshio ignored her comment. "Hey what do you say we go back to my dorm after all this and do some math...You plus me over a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and multiply.."

Mari became red with anger and raised her hand. "Sensei! Yukimura is bothering me with disgusting comments, may I PLEASE move?!"

"Yukimura is one of the most polite students here, Miss Hikaru, no you may not." Sensei replied. The young man's smirk grew wider. Mari sighed and put her head down. This is going to be a long semester... she thought, and shivered.

"Isn't this great?" Toshio whispered sarcastically, "We're gonna be algebra buddies!"

"Suuureee," the girl replied, a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "I'm so thrilled."

"Great." He replied still with the same sarcasm and smirk. If the boy smirked any wider, his lips would fall from his face.

God, would I love to kick his ass. the emerald eyed girl thought. She sighed. I can't wait for class to end.

I'm starting to have fun with this girl... Toshio kept staring at Mari. But then he shrugged it off. What am I thinking? She's just a toy, nothing important.

"Stop staring, you perv." Mari whispered.

Toshio gave her a smirk. "Why should I?" "Stop staring, or else I will make sure you will never be able to reproduce." Mari answered. She turned away and started to listen to Sensei's lecture.

"God, fine." Toshio answered back. 'For a girl, she's pretty violent.' He thought.

Mari sighed. For a boy, that dude is even more perverted than Masaru! she thought of her brother. I sure hope he's alive.


It wa last period of the day, and Sensei was signing papers to determine the dormitory setup. "Mari, Freya, you will be in room 122 on the 4th floor, and Toshio and Yukino, you will be in room 124 across from them.""Yes..." Toshio smirked his 100th smirk the day. Mari looked irritated.

"Toshi-kun!" All of a sudden, Freya Hamiya, the blonde, preppy cheerleader and roomate of Mari, appeared. "We're across from each other, isn't that just uber awesome?" "Sure." Toshio rolled his eyes. He screwed with Freya's feelings and went out with her once. After he dumped her, she got even more kinkier.

"Maybe something will even happen between us." Freya winked. Mari and the shaggy brunette haired Yukino rolled their eyes. Yukino Koshirou was one of the school's hottest guys, ranking 7th, Toshio ranking 1st.

"I don't think so." Toshio walked away. To Mari, he mouthed 'Call me.' Mari had a disgusted face while Freya had a face of envy.

"Don't mind Toshio, Mari. Toshio just wants to date you, have sex with you, then dump you." Yukino gave Mari a supporting look, Mari feeling herself tinge pink. Yukino was a really considerate person. And also, hot.

"Shut up, Yukino." The irritated Toshio to his best friend.


The two girls unpacked their belongings into their 2 bedroom dorm room. Freya approached Mari. "Listen, bitch," she gruffed impolitely. "you better stay away from MY Toshio or else."

"Woah there big girl, I'm not interested in that scumbag." Mari continued to unpack.


"Ooh...I'm calling Toshio Yukimura a scumbag...What're you gonna do about it?" Mari stopped unpacking for a while and glared at Freya.

Freya lost it. She slapped Mari across the face, and smirked. "Take that, you measly little girl."

"If you touch me again, slut, I swear, I'm gonna kick your ass," Mari looked at Freya's behind and patted it. "which is by the way...a lot to fat."

"You don't have the courage." Freya humphed. "Try me. I'm a third degree black belt, you know." Mari said, her turn to smirk.

Mari said "Watch out you cow, I have pepper spray my step father gave me."

Freya mumbled. "You win this time, bitch. But it's not over yet."

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