i've noticed that people are blind.

they never seem capable of seeing anything that's
placed itself in front of them.

it's almost as if their retina doesn't detect anything
at all because they refuse to believe that they've ever
seen anything…

…and if people don' t believe something,
in their minds, it doesn't exist.

that's why science was created.

microscopes and magnifying glasses were built
because humans are blind and need something to
prove that what they refuse to believe exists.

(isn't that ironic?)

and that's the reason why we have labs today:
all of those who can see are trying to teach those who can't
with hard facts.

it's just a shame that no one knows that all of these things
will just destroy us someday.

at first science was created to find proof, but now we just
want more and more.

and the more insatiable our thirst becomes the more we
will discover and the more quickly we will lose everything
we've gained.

curiosity, intelligence and a lack of faith will lead to our

(i just wish people weren't so blind to these things.)