You stole my heart
And I didn't mind
I didn't miss it last winter
when the snow would fall
on my untouched skin
Or next spring
when the roses bloomed.
I didn't need a heart
Because I had a mind
So I let you take it with ease
Hoping it would make you kind
enough to see
stealing cannot be free
There's a price you must pay
For you stole my heart
That cold November day.

You stole my heart
And it served you well
But you paid your due
when you'd lay under the stars
watch the moon beams fall
and felt no soul beside you.
You stole my heart
and kept it for yourself
that is too much to bear
Why couldn't you share?

You stole my heart But now I mind
I find I need it often now
To soothe my fears
and dry my tears
as I watch the rain fall
on the house you left behind.
Hear my pleas young sir
You stole my heart--
and used it as a trophy
Have pity and return home
I would really like it back.