A/N- We were suppose to write a humor poem but... well, I totally failed at that. /laughs nervously/ So here it is. My not-very-funny poem.

Foolish Fairy Tale

Once upon a merry little time
In a kingdom far away:
A young girl sat like a ghost,
Staring out the window each day.

She never laughed nor smiled,
Not even a single peep.
To see her like this
Truly made her parents weep.

So a decree was announced
To everyone in the land:
The one she laughs at
Will be a very rich man.

Everyone tried but none succeeded.
The king was 'bout to give up.
Then a boy came, dressed in rags
And on his head a metal cup.

With his tricks, he gathered a crowd.
So many people at the main hall,
It was very much like
A grand ol' ball!

However then, he made one single mistake;
In an act, an accidental trip
Caused everyone to fall
And the angry king did flip.

But he couldn't speak
For behind him, a sweet, sweet sound.
To his and everyone's great surprise,
Tis his daughter laughing on the ground.

The boy with no name bowed before
Giving a large toothy grin.
'They must be wed!'
The king thought deep within.

And with that said,
A celebration was quickly made!
Lasted long and loud,
Ending when the light fade.

No one questioned the king
On his decision for two strangers to be wed.
After all, they were having fun
And quite well fed.

As for the newlyweds,
They could very well see
That the old king was foolish,
But they let him well be.

They lived in the castle then on,
The boy took no other wives.
And the girl loved him
For the rest of their lives.

The princess laughed and smiled,
The new prince's tricks got craftier.
So I guess it truly was
Happily ever after.