How I wish to be a star!
To stand on stage and dance
my thoughts away
to sing these melancholy words
with the sadness I feign to please
And smiling, I shall twist my hair
into a curly lock and smile mysteriously
With the mike in my hand I'll reel you in
I'll tell you a secret
Can you bear to keep my thoughts?
How I wish to be a star!
My secrets will be my fame
Love, hate or admireā€”I don't care
You shall know my name,
what color my hair was last week
and give me an adoring kiss on the cheek.
You'll have no choice but to take my hand
Satisfy every precious demand
Help me into the limousine
and to live the life I had not foreseen.
How I wish to be a star!
To pretend I am unique and the norm
An oxymoron to a world that has never known
its stars to be genuine and true.
And perhaps one day when the sky is blue
I'll throw my heart out to you
as a token of gratitude
before running to the ocean
with my red cotton dress
and my chest of discarded emotions.