he said: the fun is in manipulation.

then guffawed like a goony overlord.

that must be true, i thought, with how often

we are duped. so we guard ourselves by analyzing

color, by examining design, and by stigmatizing anything




because instability defies some desperate need

to conquer ourselves---to contain our own inner chaos.

we disparage what we do not want to comprehend.


so maybe, as i carve this effigy, i am an artist,

or maybe, as the man implied, i am the conquistador

in the guise of a god -

the false prophet embraced without suspect

guilefully supplanting my symbols

into your system.

your people will laud my craft and then

curse my name. at first seeing nothing

of my substance, you will feel

exactly what i want you to feel.


you will recognize my significance only after

being diagnosed.