The Scent in the Air
Dawn & Twilight

Rating: R for Restricted (NC17) or M for Mature
Summary: In London 2007, Aegis is a Draco and has been alone for centuries. There are so few of his kind left that even he has forgotten to find his kin. So when who he suspects is a Halfling crosses his path, there's no way he'll pass up the opportunity.
Warnings: Situations of a homosexual nature, some violence, emotional stress, and other adult situations.

It had been a long time.

That was all Aegis could think to pardon himself yet even he knew it was a lame excuse.

With a sigh he sat back, letting his long, unbound, platinum blonde hair slide over his shoulder. He lazily lifted his left arm lay it across the back of the leather chair and his right brought his glass of scotch up to his lips. He sipped, letting the warm liquid slide easily down his throat and he relished the strong taste; hmm… aged half a century just as he liked it.

Behind his lightly tinted prescription-looking eye wear, he scanned the crowd of his club. Fashionable people, vacuous and rich, filled the place, all drinking, talking and laughing uselessly… pointlessly. He politely inclined his head to those who met his eyes, but then only those he recognised gave him the most business. He liked that these people came here and lined his business pockets with their money. They really only came here to be attached to him, one of the world's most powerful tycoons.

Fair exchange.

In any case, humans had little other purpose for him than money. Hmm, well sex maybe but they were too delicate and he often had to take men to his bed. He inflicted too much damage on women more often than not, not that they seemed to really mind despite some needing medical attention afterwards. They seemed to like being allowed to see the 'beast' within, given his reputation for being such a coolly detached sonovabitch.

Huh! They had no idea.

Just as he'd had none this morning, when he stepped out of his car and onto the city curb-side. He'd been so relaxed, moving with his usual easy slowness when he'd noticed a particular scent in the air. Well, certainly his senses were much sharper than most, but this one scent was the first to confuse him in a long, long time.

His eyes had widened briefly, head lifting, turning, eyes seeking what his nostrils had picked up. There would be something, anything, to tell him what that scent was… There.

His eyes met a dark, intense stare, partially shadowed by the reflections of the glass store-front panelling between them. The world closed down around him, his awareness concentrating acutely on the being. Young, he thought, and confused. The young man had ebony black hair, cut into shaggy, contemporary chunks about his jawline, the pale skin of his long face setting off the sparkling blue of his large, round eyes. Sharp little nose, he observe, and an angry slash of a mouth, and handsome in an uncommon way. The rest of him was hidden under leather, also black. But Aegis noticed a slender, muscled build, made doubly attractive by his wide shoulders.

Entranced, appreciating what view he had, Aegis studied the long row of brass-look clasps aisled down the man's jacket front from throat to waist. There was a military touch to it, sixteenth century he would say. He wondered why he was thinking back in such away, to gauge… the age…

Realisation hit.


He stilled inside, more startled than he had ever been in a very long time. A kind of panic rose in his chest, a desperation. His mind made the association on its own, made the conclusion and grasp for hope that where there was a Draconigena there would be a... Draco.

Unconsciously, his lips had mouthed the Latin word. He would not have realised such a thing had the young man's eyes not widened and pulled away. Aegis thought the boy had realised their kinship and that they should move closer and speak...

The fear in those blue eyes registered belatedly and Aegis moved. With long-legged strides he made for the store front door before the Draconigena could get to it, before the youngling could get to the street and escape. He supposed he could always follow by scent, but it was morning and he would not have the option to take to the skies. Then again, neither would the Draconigena unless the youth could transmutate. Too young, his logic told him.

He didn't make it. He'd paused, patient as ever, to apologise to someone he had bumped into, and the draconigena dashed onto the street, threw him one last fearful yet dangerous glance and disappeared into the London pedestrian crowds.



He drank again, emptying his glass. He moved as slowly as ever, nothing pressed him at this time of night, not even his own frustration. Waiting to hear from his people on the search for the Draconigena's identity was not too bad, really. Not when you got to be as old as he. But knowing what you sought was there… just within reach.

It was damnably frustrating.

He nodded to the attentive waiter, who refilled his glass. They would always refill his glass. Never mind that he owned the place, even if he drank all the stock in the club he would never get drunk. He sighed. Drunkenness would have been welcome and he thought wistfully of the old Irish brew his father had introduced him to the day he'd come of age. That had been centuries ago, he mused.

"Hello Mr O'Breilly…" cooed a soft voice. Aegis looked up and quirked the corner of his lips in a half smile. "Why are you alone this evening?"

He watched her sit beside him, playfully lifting one leg to fold underneath her so she might sidle up closer to his side. She'd tactically chosen his left side, sliding herself under the arm lying across the top of his wide seat. "I'm waiting for someone," he told her, bending close to speak conspiratorially. "But he doesn't know I'm waiting for him."

"Oh, well what a lucky guy," she said. Her pale eyes flashed, "He should know better than to keep you waiting…"

She leaned closer and Aegis let her, bending a little to bring their faces closer together. The woman only wanted to be amused after all. He teased, "You would never keep me waiting, would you?"

"Never!" she giggled. She reached up and danced her fingertips over the long strands of his hair which had slid down between them. She hesitated before toying with a lock of it, twirling it about her finger. "I would never keep you waiting."

He detected a light touch of invitation in her tone but disinterestedly ignored it. The females had been seeking to reclaim their territory for a while now, since talk of his new preference had come to light. Well, it wasn't as if he had much of a choice in the 'preference' but he didn't regret it at all; he even enjoyed it.

"That's reassuring," he murmured to her, gesturing to another waiter who immediately went to fetch his new seatmate another glass of her evening's drink of choice. "Now allow me to not let you wait. For another drink, that is."

She thanked him, her smile widening when a friend of hers came over and Aegis inclined his head in permission to join him. And then there were two, he thought. Three… no, four, he amended moments later. Ah well. He could afford it anyway, not that it had ever been a question. They would be worth the drinks in entertainment alone anyway.

For now.

If truth be told, he wasn't interested in their soft skin, voluptuous curves or feminine charms; the human flesh. He wanted his own kin, the memory of that scent, never mind the gender, making his loins ache.