Mara walked through her favorite garden. She bent down and picked a
flower. It was a daffodill. They were her favorite. They matches the
perfect curls that covered her head and surrounded her beautiful face.
Mara walked along the dirt path, emerald dress flowing behind her, she
picked another daffodil. This time while she was down she plucked
several forget-me-nots. They were the color of her large eyes.

With her long lashes, full lips, trim figure and lavish hair, she was the
most beautiful person in the entire land, ruled by her father. Mara
was perfect and she knew it. She was conceited and uncaring, if she
was happy, no one else was. Yet, everyone loved her. She had several
friends, who only liked her for her beauty and money, she was after
all the princess of an entire country, but this never bothered her.

"You're majesty, my name is Colin," called a voice. Mara looked up and
her eyes met the brown eyes of a poor man. He was dressed in a dirty
tunic that was the color of the liver patte served at her father's last
dinner party. His pants had holes in the knees and were caked in mud.
His feet were bare, dispite the cold earth he had been walking on.
Under his finger nails there was enough dirt to start a garden and he
smelled like the stablehands.

"How did you get in here, Colin?" Mara asked not sure if she should
run, scream or stay and play with his head. She decided to stay.

"Well, Princess Mara, I was walking along the dirt path out there when
I saw you in here. Alone, so I decided to come in and pay you a visit
your highness."

"Well, Colin, did you ever stop and think that this is private property
and that if my father wanted vagrants in our garden that he would tear
down the ten foot wall you just climbed?"

"Miss Mara, I am not a vagrant."

"Who asked your opinion, anyway, you must be a vagrant, look at you,
dirt everywhere. I'm assured that your house is filthy, if you even
have a house, and if you do it is probably over run with dirty animals
and they probably have fleas, as you probably do also. Father has told
me all about the dirty people that live in this land. So he had our
landscapers build this sturdy stone wall. To keep people like you out.
So why don't you just leave?"

"Well, miss, I'm sorry to have disturbed you." Colin said in a shaken
voice, he put out his hand to offer as a sign of his sincere appology.
She waved it away.

"Please leave now, don't you have rats to tend to? Mara said in a
snubbing way. Colin pulled his hand away slowly. Colin had always
admired the princess, he didn't believe that she was as rude as every
one always said, untill now that is. He was hurt. He sulked away from
her, for the first time in his life, he had been snubbed without even
saying more then twenty words. He turned and boosted himself on to the wall.
He swung his leg over and before he decended the wall he blew the princess
a kiss. She had turned around and began walking back to her father's castle.

"Good-bye princess, we will meet again," Colin said assured of himself. And
slid himself off the wall.