Mara woke to the sounds of her servant girl, Tracie, who was setting a tray of eggs and bacon on
the table. Tracie was 14 years of age, 1 year younger then Mara. She had been a servant of the
house ever since her father and mother died, leaving her in the custody of Mara's father.

"Tracie?" Mara asked sleepy.

"Yes ma'am?" Tracie asked timidly.

"Did I ask for my breakfast yet?" Mara climbed out of her large ebony bed.

"No ma'am" slipping backwards tward the door.

"Then why did you bring it up already?" growing more angry.

"I'm sorry ma'am, father has given me orders to wake you up at 9:30 every morning with your

"He is not your father. Do not ever address him as so. Also..."

"I'm sorry ma'am,"

"Did you just interupt me?" said with a look of disbelief. Tracie had never before interupted

"I'm sorry ma'am," repeated Tracie.

"Stop 'ma'aming' me!" Mara's hand reached Tracie's face with enough force to knock her against
the door. Tracie touched the area, now bright red and began to cry. "Now listen to me Tracie,
you are my servant. To speak when spoken to and to NOT interupt me. Do you understand me?"
Tracie just quivered against the door.

"Do you understand me?" Mara asked with more force.

"Yes'um" Tracie said with a wimper.

Mara cleared her throat and said "You may leave now Tracie, I will call you when I have finished." Mara looked at the cowering servant who was now fondling the doorknob, "and clean yourself up you look terrible."

Once Tracie left Mara walked over to the small table and looked at the food the girl left for her. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, milk, orange juice and a piece of paper. Mara took a bite of toast and then she picked up the folded note and read it. 'To my princess Mara, Perhaps if you'd get to know me you'd alow me to venture over the wall that seperates absolute beauty and grace form the rest of the world. You have no idea how much I want to be able to look into your eyes. I ask that you think about it. If you knew me, maybe you'd love me. Your love is mine, Colin"

Mara scoffed, "Colin, if you knew me you'd know that I love no one."

Colin opened the door to his small house. He was tired. It was 8:30 p.m. and he had worked all day. His shirt was dark with sweat. He thought about his day. Early in the morning he walked the five miles to Princess Mara's house, normally this trip would take two hours and his feet would ache, but this time, Colin almost floated the whole trip. He loved the princess. In his mind, every step he took he was closer to his love. He left a note with the servant girl, Tracie, her name was. After that he walked the two miles to his work, where he loaded and unloaded boats full of spices and jewels and silks from the east. After his long day at work, normally it would take him only four miles to walk home, but he headed tward the castle. It was around six or seven o'clock, and dark. Colin climed the tall wall and gazed up longingly at the home of his one love. He heared a dog bark, so he climbed back down the wall. Happy to have come close to Mara, he walked home.

Colin's house had two rooms. A kitchen/ living room and a bedroom. His living area was filled with dafodills and forget-me-nots. They remeinded him of Mara. And for that they were his favorite. Colin walked into his bedroom and turned on his light. He decided that he had to have the princess. At all costs she must love him. Colin sat down at a small desk that had a pen and some paper on it. He began to write down what he knew of the princess in order to make her his, forever.