It cannot be enough, I say,
to work myself out of a cage
It must not be enough, they say
to merely learn and not know
And it will never be enough
to come home one day to see
my teary eyes and lack of smile
in the dusty mirror that hides
the empty soul of the reflection inside.

It shall never be enough, I say
to simply do what I love doing
to watch the screen for a wink
or read some words for the click
my mind receives at the end of it all.
It won't be enough, I find
to walk out of the door
desired achievements in hand
without dipping my feet in dirt
and soiling my name to kill the hurt.
It cannot be enough, they say
to live through my innocence
No I must do more, much more
to be accepted and inducted
into that world of darkened shores.
"Only when your smile," they say
"Becomes wider to hide a frown
And when your heart turns upside-down
Your cage grows cold
Your whole life becomes your bluff
Then it shall be enough".