Candace slowly wandered the halls of her new home; the light trickling in through the crack in the blinds highlighted the dust in the air as it settled. Her eyes skimmed over the hall table on the left. Cocking her head curiously, Candace paused, turning towards it and gently lifted her arm, the sleeve of her shirt riding up to show the edges of a nasty looking bruise. Reaching out towards the table, Candace lightly pressed the pad of her finger onto the dust-layered surface. She slid it across the smooth surface before lifting the finger up to her line of vision. When she noticed the thick layer of grime that now coated her fingertip, a look of revulsion slid onto her face as she quickly rubbed the grime off, and onto her blue jeans.

Candace's head quickly jerked around as she heard a rustle of something behind her, sending long black hair cascading down her back. "Hello? Father?" She called out, waiting for a reply. When she heard no response, Candace quickly decided her wild imagination was quickly catching up to her. The table now out of her thoughts, she continued on her way down the hall, eyes focused on the door at the end, which was to be her new bedroom.

She sighed as she reached the door, simply resting her hand on the knob before gaining the courage to turning it slowly. The door opened smoothly and quietly, the only sound was Candace's heavy breathing; the silence unnerved her. The room looked pitch black, the angle of the door not allowing light from the hallway to enter. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the door way and into the room. Reaching an arm towards the doorframe, Candace searched for a light switch, her fingers sliding across the wall until it hit a switch.

She immediately got shocked, "Ouch!" she squeaked, pulling her hand back to cradle it against her chest. "Damn static electricity…" she mumbled to herself, sending out her other arm to reach for the light switch. The arm she was cradling to her chest dropped to her side as a look of complete horror came upon her face. Something had grabbed her hand that was on the switch. Candace began to tremble slightly, her breath coming in sharp gasps.

The soft, silky hand that was currently holding hers, released it gently, caressing the back lightly as if apologizing for the fright. A shiver traveled down her spine as she heard the sudden sound of a door shutting, followed quickly by the click of the lock. Candice widened her green eyes in the dark, praying that they would soon adapt, allowing her to see partially. A slight breeze or moving air brushed her arm as her supposed 'attacker' moved.

'I should scream, and then Father or Mother will come. C'mon… scream, you can do it!' she thought to herself, feeling desperate. Just as she was about to open her mouth, a deathly cold finger was placed across her lips, silencing her, "Shhh… Don't scream, I promise not to hurt you… Yet" a melodic voice whispered. Then, suddenly, a glint of white appeared in front of her eyes; as if a light was reflecting off of it. 'But… that's impossible, isn't it? I mean… the door's shut.' Candace thought, momentarily distracted by the glimpse of teeth.



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