Death's Mask

Dancers flow from side to side

No words pass their lips, no sound leaves their body

As if in a trance they dance for me

They dance for the mask of deathly wonder

Atop my platform of human bones

I watch them twist and contort for me alone

The shamans speak my words in rhyme

They fan the fires and chant to the skies

Their bone drums wrapped in mortal skins play their praises of earthly sin

Many are my eyes in this world

Though I still sit atop this platform of bone

The dancers stop

The shamans still

My soul calls for a gift

They willingly give

A body, golden in its youth

Is brought to me

The face I fit snuggly, his eyes are mine now

His body, oh so strong with its warrior's glow, is perfect for my wandering soul

The shamans step towards the boy

They slice his jugular

His blood flows dark red, in deathly wonder

As his life leaves him, his soul falls into my invisible hand.

He gave himself to me with one last breath