Sunlight fades

The alley growing dark

The city's alive

As the sky turns fuchsia

The wind blowing

Sand waves across the road

Cars stream by

Going home

Street lamps lit

They flicker on

Through the night

As trees sway in the fading dusk

Birds skitter 'cross

Their chirping heard

From the canal

Girl and pet go home.

Casting a rock,

It clatters into the night.

It's sound echoing off the walls,

The rock's visible in the street lamp's glow.

The sky darkened,

To a shade of navy blue.

The city silent

And yet it's not.

Cars heard

On the highway afar.

The palms

Swaying in the wind.

The gravel path

Is empty now,

All's gone

Except for one.

As the day

Comes to an end

In this desert oasis

The sanctuary of light

The one left

Takes a last glance

Wind humming, crickets chirping

She goes home for the night.