Chapter One-

Alarm clocks. Everyone hates them, and Sindra Haven was no different. 'why do I always stay up late reading?' Sindra thought to herself, smothering her face with a satin pillow that once belonged to her father, sun peaking through the window. Groaning, Sindra got up and walked to the enormous master bathroom. the hot water felt refreshing as she stepped into the shower, but at the same time, a nuisance.

A few minutes later, she got out and brushed her ebony black hair and blow dried it. she pulled it into a messy bun, her long bangs framed her pale face. She pulled on a gray sweatshirt, a pair of faded, worn, blue jeans. Just as she was tying the laces on her gray converse, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Sindra mumbled into the phone.

"Hello, dear." it was the annoying voice of her mother, "I wanted to catch you before you left for school."

"What is it Mother?" Sindra asked impatiently. Her mother was the last person she wanted to talk too.

"I have a surprise for you!" said her hyperactive mother, "All the way from Britain. Be home tonight, OK, bye!"

Sindra slammed the phone on the receiver, picked up her keys, and backpack, and left the mansion.

She walked to her driveway where her '67 black Mustang Convertible was parked. She got in, and drove off to school.

The radio played as she drove to Hollow High. It was a pasty looking school named after some lunatic in the 1800's. Sindra frankly didn't care who founded the school. She just knew that she wanted to graduate. Sindra was seventeen, a Junior. One more year until graduation. she got her things and entered the musty old school.

She twisted the lock three times and her locker opened. Books piled up in her locker, some were overdue, but she didn't care. She knew she could easily pay them.

"Hey Sin!" she heard a voice from down the hallway. It was her friends, Kali and Izzy. Kali stood an inch below Sindra. her blonde hair was streaked with black, and was more or less subtle, but her golden honey eyes completed her cute face. She wore black high-tops, faded gray jeans, and a tight white shirt. Izzy, on the other hand, everything about him was artsy and outgoing. Not to mention he was an honor student and on the varsity football team. His hair was a shaggy black and loaded with highlights of teal and crimson which made his emerald eyes stand out. He wore black jeans and a red shirt.

The bell rang and the three of them headed to their first class, English.

Six grueling hours, school was finally over. By many coincidental arrangements, Izzy's, Sindra's, and Kali's lockers were all next to each other. "Hi Izzy." A failed seduction by Sara Baxter.

"What is it Sara?" Izzy asked, annoyed. He didn't even bother to look at her while he was putting his things in his backpack.

"We should do something Saturday." She asked twirling her hair, and continuing to fail at seducing him.

"Busy." He replied in the most monotone voice possible.

Sara scoffed, "Why do you hang out with these losers, but not me?!"


"Just give it up Sara." Kali said mockingly.

"Why them?" Sara asked again, ignoring Kali, "Not me? Head cheerleader. I have status!"

"First of all," Sindra said, clearly annoyed, "We can beat you in a battle of wits easily, physically too, and second, you're a shallow airhead. Get over it!"

Sarah groaned angrily and stormed off in the opposite direction.

The three of them chuckled and left the school.

Home. She placed her keys and backpack on the couch and went to her huge library, starting yet another book.

By seven, she was finished. Sindra yawned and stretched her arms. She placed the book back on the shelf, and went to the kitchen.

When she got there, her keys were in a key bowl, and her backpack was placed on a bar stool.

'I could've sworn I placed those on the couch.' she shook her head and headed down the hallway. she stopped at the laundry room, hearing slight noises.

The sight before her made her stand completely motionless in the doorway. A man, a teenager, around her age, stood before her facing the washing machine. Doing HER laundry. He was tall muscular, in a lean way, and had shaggy black locks.

She must've made a noise because he turned and stared through icy blue eyes. "You must be Sindra," he smiled a boyish grin, he had a British accent, "I'm Toryn, I'm the surprise."

"Dear God!" Sin slapped her forehead, "My mother sent me a stripper!"

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