Midnight's past, the hour's late,
My mind's been running mad,
Of things I love, of things I hate,
Of things I wish I had.

I commit myself into my bed,
To sleep, and then awake,
But all these thinkings in my head,
My mind, my heart, must break.

If lovers love, and dreamers dream,
Then lately am I both,
I dream a love and love a dream,
Oh woe, obsession's growth.

I stifle word, I stifle deed,
Yet thought I cannot bind,
To my requests, it pays no heed,
I've clearly lost my mind.

A simple thought- her pretty smile,
My mind it did invade,
And though I struggled all the while,
The thought, well, it just stayed.

It trembled once, and was conceived,
A virgin birth I swear!
I had no part, you are deceived!
It grew out of thin air!

The thought of her, has now begun,
To grow into affection,
Her inner beauty, not outdone,
Has also passed inspection.

She's beautiful, a lady blessed,
Indeed, inside and out.
Justly, so that, might I have guessed,
Her heart's, for Him, devout.

I wish I wish I wish I wish,
Oh fool you wish in vain,
In the sea are many fish,
But doves, you can't attain.

And so, I look, but turn away,
And slowly hang my face,
For though it loves the light of day,
The phantom knows its place.

It, at first sight, that it could be,
I surely won't believe it,
And even so, to have it for me,
I surely won't achieve it.