Moving On

I learned recently from an unexpected person,

That you shouldn't dwell on the past,

Move on…


I've told myself and many other people to do just that,

I think it was hardest to tell myself,

I told you, baby, but you didn't listen,


Now that it seems like you have,

And it hurt me when it seems like that you made the decision on your own,

But, now I've healed myself,

With some help,


The funny thing is,

I said, in the most sweetest way I could fathom,

"You deserve someone so much better than can be there fully for you…"

And you refused,

Saying that you didn't want to and we could make this work,


That just screwed it all up.


It was sweet at the time,

But now I understand it was just a game,

To make me cooperate just a little longer,

But, it didn't work,

'Cause I'm moving on,

Releasing you from me,

The person you always had to protect,

It's okay,

You don't have to do anything anymore,

I don't want your words,

Just go away,


Well, now I am taking that advice that I've been trying to make my mind understand for such a long time,

It's finally gone through,

I need to move on,

Get over you,

You're not worth my time any longer,


It doesn't really hurt to think about you anymore,

I just smile at all the sweet things,

Instead of crying myself to sleep,

I've got optimism,

Can't you see?


I'm moving on.

I'm finally moving on.

Laughing at the fool I was,

The stupid things I said,

I did,

The drama I created,

And you fixed,


I'm gonna see into the future,

Letting you go,

Letting go of the thought of the past,

Of 'what could have been',

It'll never work,

I've tried,

You did your own thing,

Now, I'm giving up on this dead relationship,

I'm moving on, baby,


Shouldn't you?