This is just an idea I came up with recently in one of my classes. Is it something I should continue? Feedback Please!

A lone astrology student stood staring into the lens of an enormous telescope. Deep into the darkness he stood peering, shifting his weight restlessly foot to foot. The telescope was focused on an unnamed planet that the student was examining for his doctorate degree. The warm night lulled him, the great weights he called eyelids being slowly pulled down by gravity. A sudden bright flash sparked from the surface of the planet, startling the student from his half asleep trance. The bright light streaked across the sky towards the third rock from the sun, Earth.

A tense young man paced on a spaciously open grassy hill. He often came out to this hill to be by himself when he needed to think; when life became overwhelming and the need to be by himself consumed all else. The stress he was currently feeling was evident in every motion. His strides were long and lithe, but jerky – rather like a cat on crack. Spiked midnight hair pierced the night, red tips lending him an almost amusing look. Sharp features were chiseled, blue eyes glaring, and unusually sharp canines bit his lower lip. A tiny, but remarkably bright, burst of light from far away above him in the sky made blue eyes flash up to the sky before resettling on the now worn path in the grass.

A young woman hurtled through space. She wore no protective gear and was in no space craft – but obviously didn't need it as she was unscathed. Her attention was focused solely on a planted she had been exiled to – the third one from the sun.