Bullies: The People That Make You Feel Worthless

I feel that the biggest challenge facing today's youth is bullying. I would know first-hand that it is definitely an obstacle. I had to cross it in my years being a teenager. If it happened to me, it's bound to have happened to others.

It seems like an eternity when they are constantly making your eventual and continuously getting thinner and fragile self-esteem and self-concept come crashing down a Jenga game.

They are picking one loose piece at a time, until, finally, you crash. You break down crying and ask why He, up above, and the 'someone' that is doing it, could ever do this to you; what you've ever done to deserve this. Just a loud and plain, "Why?!" and, "Why me?" goes through your head everyday you have to live through this misery.

It seems like no one hears your pleas, no one cares, nobody understands what you are going through, no one notices, except for this 'special' person that makes you feel worthless in this world. You eventually topple over, like the tower you are, and you have to be just strong enough to pick yourself up back again.

You seem, to yourself, that you are the reason for all this suffering, and that you deserve this. You seem to think that every horrible word and gesture is true to you.

You get sucked into a black hole of insecurity, and keep on reassuring yourself that the words are absolutely true. You start believing them, because they are said so often, that they seem like the full-fledged truth.

Once you get sucked into this hole of darkness, it takes a while for you comprehend all that is happened and that you have to get up and make yourself better.

When you finally get enough strength to get up out of your rut, it finally clicks. This is bad, and you need to get help. Help you get through this. You realize that you can not do this alone. You need someone to get the terrible being in your life to stop making it fester and crestfallen. You thought you were the problem, when actually, sometimes the bully has problems of their own. They wanted to pick on you to feel better; maybe because they were jealous of your life.

It takes just one person to say that they are not true and you shouldn't believe them; that you are a great person. That you don't deserve to be treated this way, that you need support. You aren't the problem. You need to reach out to a friend.

It seems so simple, but it is, in reality, very hard and complicated.

A person not in the box, not experiencing it, would just scream, "JUST TELL SOMEONE!!", like I do at the movies. The one that we know once they open the door they are going to get murdered.

It is intricate, dealing with this, because we have to put how we feel aside, and do what is best for us. Do what's right.

A teenager already has enough problems and worries, believe me, and a bully shouldn't add to their already feeble self-esteem by pushing them over the edge with being hurtful toward someone else.

There is no liable reason, no matter what, to put people down.

This is a monstrous challenge that takes immense amounts of time and re-construction on the mind and self-concept just because of troubled people.

If this is the story of just one girl, then why should it be spread?