And I hide bitter lies

Under the cover of those

Stars twinkling in my eyes

Merging with bloodshot hearts

And nights spent wasted on

Stained couches. And heat

And lust and passion and

I pretend it means nothing.

'Though I honestly still love you

('Cause I do, you know I said

Forever and vows are eternal)

And you look at me with awe

As if I am a guardian angel

When really I am the devil

In disguise. And I sponsor clichés

Because they become me

As I dance on burning coals

And wear my soul under a cloak

Of shadow and nothingness

And realise that we all

Decay – eventually.

And you're dissolving in the

Acid of my un-truths as I

Break your heart and you

Just melt against me and press

Chapped lips to mine in

Longings filled with denial;

And bleak desire; and eyes

Only for me - and you would

Plead for me to love you

Even as I tortured your soul

And I ache with the magnitude

Of barren responsibility

And caress you with detached emotion.