Eternal Sea

In the sea of darkness

I call for you,

Where were the days of long ago?

The wind sweep by,

I love you so

And so it fades away.

This sea of fading light,

Calls softly, so low,

A day when we could see again,

A dream of long ago.

Shine my love,

I wish you well,

Please forever run.

Nowhere do I see to hide,
No place to call my home,

My sea, my sea,

Please come to me

And sing me your melody.

For I with you shall ever go,

Watching you,

Where will I go?

If you are gone,

My sea of desolate dreams,

Then never shall I see again,

The day of awakening so.

Can you, can you,

See me now?

I hunger to see,

A beauty so rich,
It'd last eternity.

Hear me now,

See me again,

I'm calling for you,

Please answer me,

My wish for you,
I live in so.

Forever gone,

Alone once again,

This sea of darkness grows.

Farewell to you,

I long for you,

But never will it be.


I never knew,

My wish of eternity.