a/n: Consequences will be paid.

Blank page
staring right back up at me.
Idly write the date
in the top corner,
but from there,
nowhere to go.
Nothing to write.
Debating, so (inwardly)
should I write what I want,
or bullshit my way through it again
Puckering brow,
brooding eyes,
chewing my lip,
chewing my pen
(stop doing that,
it's bad for your braces

a voice in my head nags).
Nothing to write.
So unsure; so
Emotions running high,
nowhere to go.
Knowing it won't be enough,
I want to write it.
I don't have anything.
(Fragment of thought:
shoulder to shoulder,
her fingers wrapped around the lid of a bottle,
the other's hands swaying slightly at her sides.
Down the hall,
Without me.
Not me.
Hurt.hurt.hurt. by what shouldn't hurt. )
Should I be so bold as to post this?
Consequences will be paid.
But I have
nowhere (else) to go.

a/n: Formatting note - the lines after "Fragment of thought:" ("shoulder to shoulder," etc.) to the end parenthese should be in squiggly brackets.