A/N: This is from a little while ago, written while I didn't have access to a computer. I was considering not posting it, as it is not a very true refection of how things are anymore, but that somehow felt like lying. It was true when I wrote it and since my poems are meant to show more about life than is revealed, not posting this would be equal to me hiding knowledge that should have been distributed to everyone.
We all take comfort in the fact that misery is always temporary, even if we forget to remember it at the time.

Dedicated to the one who my heart yearned for then, longs for now, and will love always.

Eyes open
I can see so many colors
So many colors— a cascade of vivid pictures
Too focused, too saturated, too vibrant.
And your eyes, which I want to believe, are honest,
I'm told they are covered with a glassy veil:
How I wish I could tell everyone, "No."
"I trust him." "I know him."
But what do I know?
I'm "naïve",

Eyes closed
I can see... nothing.
No vibrant colors, no torment of images,
Just a black canvas.
Blank, smooth as lake water, opaque as an unopened door.
And above all, tranquil.

Except in a familiar part of my mind,
The words formed, as if by telepathy,
As if sent over the miles:
"Hey there. Can you read this?"

A strange impulse to laugh consumes me
As the rain falls from my squeezed-shut eyes.

I can.

Another raindrop, and a smile.