a/n: This ingenious poem was written, on the spot, by my Keygie-monster. She's awesome! All credit to Keygan (who unfortunately does not have a FP account). Where she got the character Max, I don't know - but Devon is my boyfriend, who she loves to ridicule. Enjoy.

This is the story of Max the beet,

who had many toenails but didn't have feet.

he ran to the city, and into the crowd,

and here is what he shouted aloud:

"Come all Devons, and get a reward, for there are free skittles, on an old wooden board." But there was just one Devon in the group, and he quickly rushed forwards, his head in a loop.

Devon finally stumbled to the head of the throng, in fear that these skittles would be gone.

Max stared at Devon's fat, hairy head, and this is what he finally said:

"Ah, my good Devon, you're finally here!

The skittles are this way, never fear!"

So Devon followed Max, in hope of a treat. But Max is not a good person to meet.

Max led Devon very far out of town. Devon stopped and looked wildly all around.

"Where are the skittles?" he asked with glee, still not suspecting, the joke was on he.

"Ah, my good sir, you'll look that you'll find, there are no skittles, but you are now mine." Devon then gave a great fishlike glup. Max sprang forwards, and gobbled Devon all up.

Max turned around, and gave a big sigh. "You know," he said,"I really can't lie."

"I like eating children, but Devon? Not him. I'd much rather have Bob, or Jill, or Tim!"

So little children, remember this peom, of fat, stupid Devon, who never went home.

And always be wary of Max the beet, who had many toenails, but didn't have feet.