No 911

Written By Jesse Pelletier

"Bye guys!" Alicia screamed over the loud music. When the door of the club shut the sounds dimmed to the dull bass vibrations. She jingled her keys out of her jacket pocket.

Splashing through some shallow puddles, the neon club lights shimmered in their reflection. The dark empty street had only a few lights that worked, some of them flickered.

She approached her red Honda Accord, and upon opening her car door slummed into her leathery driver's seat.

She started the engine. Pulling out and off unto to the street her car spitting dirt and gravel in every direction.

A glossy black Honda Civic switched on its lights and started its engine. The vehicle pulls out of the alley, and onto the street.

"Please leave a message after the beep."

"Hey mom it's your most beautiful daughter!" She looked up into the rear view mirror and pushed pieces of her hair back in place. "Just kidding, but I am still a little pretty, right?"

Conceited? Yes.

"But I just called to say I'm on my way home. Bye." She flipped the phone shut.

She looked into her rear view mirror again, not to see her 'pretty little face' but to observe the driver behind her. The cars were practically bumper-to-bumper. Then her cell phone rang.

She flipped the phone open, "Hell-o?!"

"Are we going home Alicia?"

Silence ripened her throat. She let out a groan like giggle that slowly died then she asked, "Who's this?"

"Let me properly introduce myself, I am William Hal Duncan. I have been following, eaves dropping, and spying on you and your family for the last three years. It's a great pleasure for us to converse; you see from time to time I imagined you were talking to me when you stood at your bedroom window. I imagined you and I to be good friends." Her heart beat faster, but she still had a small thought or belief that this was still some practical joke. "I want to play a fun game of TAG!" The Civic reared her back end.

She screamed and accelerated, and swerved into the other lane, an other car honked.

"Don't make a scene darling, I'll make it quick…" his voice slowly dimmed.

She flipped the phone shut. Opened it and started to dial 911.

9…1… but then an incoming call popped up on the small florescent screen. She pressed TALK and pressed the phone against her ear.

"No 911"

Her breathing intensified.

"Sh, sh, shhh, don't be afraid." She hung up the phone and started dialing again.

There was no use. "I can play this game all night."

"What do you want? Money? My dad has money." Alicia was thinking of anything she could do to get out of this situation. A cop? She could speed. Get in an accident, crash into…into…something!

"What are you thinking about Ali?"

"Don't call me that!" She put her phone on speaker phone and threw it on the passenger seat. "You don't know me!"

"Why don't you pull over and I'll show you how well I really know you." His voice sounded more disgusting on speakerphone. All those sound echoes bouncing off the hallow interior of her car.

She saw the freeway exit up ahead.

"December 12th 1986? Sound familiar? Parents married in '85, grandmas dead in '98, graduation '05, new brother '06… I have a list in front of me Alicia if you don't want to believe me.

She cut in front of two cars and did a sharp turn into the freeway exit.

"Too predictable, you stupid slut."

There was silence, emotions bottled inside of her, a memory of her father calling her that.

She pressed the gas pedal down, her engine revved in exhaustion; as she sped up and cut off a few more cars, going all the way into the last lane.

"So where do you plan on going?" He asked. So plainly too, as if he was sitting right there. His voice personified itself, she had an image of this old man… his old wrinkly hands, his veins which bulged from his saggy skin, his turkey neck, and dark mysterious eyes.

She pushed down the gas pedal as hard as she could, her toes sore, and she started regretting wearing her high heels out tonight.

She didn't say anything; she didn't want to say anything. Should she say something? Maybe she should try one more time.

She ended the call, quickly flipped the phone back open and dialed 9...1...

INCOMING CALL, with some vibration pulses.

"Shit!" She slammed her palm into the steering wheel repeatedly; then changed lanes and drove into the next exit lane.

She threw the phone unto the dashboard. It vibrated on the hallow plastic.

His black bullet car shot up and was right behind her.




The next right exit was blocked off with pylons. Well, used to be blocked off, Alicia thought as she drove through the line of orange obstacles. Each one of them making an annoying banging sound, like the bouncing of a basketball.

She didn't know what kind of construction? Was this bridge going to take her and her hunter off into the river? Was she going to have to create her own death, was she going to die? She'd rather die than to let this freak get his fingers all over her.

But then there was no road, there was no bridge. There was air, and water below. The man's car screeched in an attempt to a stop but instead flipped right side up and started its decent vertically. Alicia's car was still descending down into the river, gracefully, peacefully; as if it was floating.

Then the impact. Her ears rung like a siren signaling both her, and the man's well-deserved end. But she wasn't going down without a fight. Her car started sinking down to the bottom of the river. She looked up and saw her phone had stopped vibrating. She picked it up and dialed 911 while taking off her seat belt. Water started leaking into her car.

"Oh my God!"

"911, what's your emergency."

"There's this guy who has been stalking me, he had me on the phone and I couldn't call for help and..." She explained the whole situation, not noticing a body slowly gliding its way to her passenger side window. He had something, he was holding something.

"Okay ma'am where are you?"

He slammed the hammer into the window and water surged its way into her car. Alicia screamed as the hammer made its way in, making a larger hole in the car. The man unlocked the door and swam inside. The water was all the way up to her stomach. She grabbed the door handle and tried to get out. She slipped her cell phone into her jean pockets.

He grabbed her hand and inhaled a large breath. "I found you!" She screamed and tried to pull her arm out of his grip. Her body was being pulled out of the car by the rivers rapids. Her legs were stretched out, and now fully underwater. She slammed the door, with his hand half way out. Over and over, she slammed it until he endured enough pain. She pulled away and her body slowly floated off to the surface, leaving him down there to die in his own misery.

When she resurfaced, inhaling a large breath, she wiped her eyes clear of the mucky water. Her legs paddled underwater as if she was a newborn puppy learning how to swim. She looked around for the shoreline, her body already shivering from the ice-cold water. "Help!" She screamed.

Looking out to the east she saw a small beach shore and started swimming.

As she reached low shallow waters she walked, she felt the soft vulnerable stones come from underneath her as she walked. Her jeans had wrapped around her thighs, and her shirt from the water. The water was at the waist as she pulled her phone out of her pocket. But of course like any piece of high technology water turned it off and it would never be on again.

She took off her shoes that were weighing her down. Her socks came off too, and her bare feet sunk into the soft wet sand. "Can anyone hear me?"

She screams as a hand forcefully covers her mouth and wraps her head with black cloth.