Ah my friend what can I say

You're eye's were not opened all the way

Playing the victim it's what you do best

Why don't you give that mouth a rest?

If you just give me a sec

I'll give you some thoughts to recollect

Hmm let me see where do I start

Oh I know you have no heart

You treated him like a dog you see

"He doesn't deserve me!"

Your right, I agree he doesn't deserve you,

He deserved someone better, but you didn't have a clue

Go ahead run your mouth some more

Because I'm not listening to your empty roar

And shut the hell up because I'm not done

I think its time to let my mouth run

You're selfish and vain not to mention fake

That's just about more then I can take

"Woe is me he's not up to the level I'm at!"
"God I'm so tired of pat!"

"Oh my god I'm not the center of attention!"

"He didn't give me the reaction I wanted, did I mention!?"

Seriously bitch how fake can you be?

You have the acting down to a tee

You tried to keep that boy on a short leash

Controlling much? Give me a break, sheesh

The only reason you stayed with him so long

Even though, apparently he was so wrong

Was because you couldn't stand to be alone

Even though he could never atone

Just admit it you are so cold

All your love and compassion is sold

You fake your emotions so just shut up

Because they barely fit inside a tiny tea cup

So keep acting like you're so much higher

Like you're the one everyone desires

Because I have a news flash for you

All of that is not true

And while your whining the blues without missing a stitch

I have even more news for you bitch

The boy you broke up with over a text,

Thinking about who's going to be your next,

Fell in love with some other girl you see

And that girl just so happens to be me