I'll love you forever

I'll love you till the day I die

I want to be together with you for eternity

If I were to die in your arms after one final kiss,

I'd die with a smile on my face

I want us to be happy together for life

I want to laugh and smile with you forever

Life with you would be my happiest years in life

Without you would be my death

I'd die without you and your love

I am so touched and grateful that you came into my life

And showed me love

You game me the love I was searching for all my life

And we both learned how to love again

You are my first love and I'm glad,

Hoping this one will last forever

I want you to be my last love,

For being with you forever will make me happy

I'll love you for all eternity,

An eternity the gods of the world would smile for

As they looked upon us

An eternal love that no one could stop

No matter how hard they tried to

Not even the forces could stop our love

I love you with all my heart

My heart yearns for you whenever I think of you

I long for you during the day and can never wait until school ends

I shall never run away from you or your love

For the arrow you struck into my heart will stay forever

I am bound to you, I love you like the night loves the stars

I can never live without you

Like a human could never live without food

I hope this poem doesn't come out too strong for you to handle

It's just the curse of love,

A curse which is one I love

I love you, my love, my dear heart,

My heartbreaker, my love in life

Forever you shall hold the key to my heart

No matter what happens, never think I hate you

Don't trust you as much or don't love you as much as before

For then I will assure you now that I do, and always will

And as I've said before you will forever hold the key to my heart

My eternal flame for you

I will love you for all eternity