Without You

If I could say what it is I mean

Everytime I look at you--

Everytime you pass me in the halls

Everytime you laugh or fall

If I could express the words in my soul,

The feelings bursting inside me

If I could do anything to let you know

To show you just how much you mean--

Without affecting our friendship

But Oh God! Without you I'm nothing

Without you, I'm not whole

I need you beside me

I need you--I need you!

There's no questioning

No time to ask why

You've made me a better person

And you always make me smile

Who am I without you?

What will I do when you're gone?

When your fiery spirit and your gentle soul

Have dwindled to nothing and we're apart?

I just don't understand

Why you have to go

I can't grasp the concept

I can't understand--I can't know

People tell me reasons

And I accept them with a nod,

But how in the world

Can I truly believe

There's a reason why you have to leave m?e

We've grown so much,

Grown far and grown close

There's nothing I'd want more

Than four more years by your side

I'm not on the top of your list,

But you're on the top of mine

And Oh God, don't let me die

When he goes

I'm gonna cry--

And cry and cry

He'll be sad

But he'll go on

I just don't know what I'll do

When all my tears are gone

I'm still gonna miss you

I'm gonna miss our talks and our hugs

Our smiles and our love

I feel so close to you,

So close to you sometimes

And yet not close enough--

Never am I close enough--

There's always room for more

I want to be close to you,

Closer than I can get

I want you always to be with me

I want you to stay…

So then we'll graduate

We'll separate and move on

But you'll always be with me

Always in my heart

I don't want you to go

It burns me when you leave,

But maybe it's not the end

Maybe I'll see you...when you think of me.