Moonlight Meadow

"Naru, I have come to retrieve Genji." Taila popped up in front of the amber eyed soul demon.

"I beg your pardon Taila? What business do you have with my son?" He growled back, holding tightly to Genji. The little boy looked curiously at the imp, who only looked about eleven or twelve years old. The fact was, however, that she was well over a thousand years old.

"His mother wants to see him and has no urge to set eyes on you again." She added with a small indication to her wrist that made Naru understand. He looked shocked, hurt and ashamed at the same time.

"I get to go see mama???" Genji squirmed to go to the imp. His father let him go. "I'll be back ototo-san!!" Before Naru could say goodbye the pair had vanished.


"Mama, mama, mama!!" The two year old boy squealed running and jumping on the girl with the same brown eyes as him. She was now wearing what she had in the photo that Michael had given to the twins: a black and red Happy Bunny shirt ("you'd be cooler if you were me"), dark blue jeans, and black and white Converses. It was a sharp contrast to her son's traditional kimono.

"Did you get a new kimono, honey?" She smiled genuinely.

"Mm! Montgomery-sama gave it to me." The little boy smiled, referring to the twins' father. He would be turning three soon, just as she would be turning fifteen/eighteen (her body shared the same birth date, saving the year, as her spirit). She held him close. "I missed you Okaa-san!"

"I missed you too dear Heart." She smiled softly back.

Two figures suddenly appeared in the room. The twins. Branden stared confused; Landon stared in shock. "Please tell me that is her little brother."

"Hey look! It's the newbies." Sei commented coolly. "Iie, it is Gabi's son. Little Genji-chan, this is Landon"—she pointed to the blonde—"and Branden"—she pointed to the brunette. "Twins, this is Genji." At the same time, two jaws dropped.

"S-son, he's her son? Her name is Gabi? Branden you dolt, say something!" Landon stuttered, and Branden had remained speechless. Gabi blushed violently, confirming the surprising information. Genji yawned burying his head in his mother's long hair that lay over her shoulders.

"Shh." She whispered rocking him, momentarily forgetting the others. She hummed a soft lullaby with an Asian melody ending it in English, "and I just want to see your smile, so sleep well little one, sleep well and dream." He was fast asleep when she was done. Gabi sat down, cradling him in her arms as he held onto her in his sleep. Sei quickly explained to the twins that Genji was like her, a New, only he had never had a body. Only her spirit had been pregnant, and only in spirit had he been born. She finished just in time for them to hear the last few lines of the lullaby. They stared at her in awe and saw how sad her eyes really were when she smiled and gently kissed the boy's forehead.

They saw no hope in her eyes later that evening either when she smiled at the boy as he clung to her before he left, promising she still loved and always would love him and would always be his 'mama'. She bid Genji goodbye one last time before Taila took him back to his father. Branden watched as tears fell silently down her face until he couldn't take it anymore. He went over beside her and wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair when she laid her head on his shoulder and broke down into sobs. Sei gave a sad smile and took Landon's hand. Everything had fallen into proper place for what HE called 'the Game.' Black was ready and it had begun.


Come to me. Come to me Child of the Light, Child of the Black, the Catalyst, the Balance, the End. Yin and Yang together in one, you who have the power to Destroy and the power to Heal, I call you to come out of your hiding and come to me! A tall form shrouded in black mist over looked the Moonlight Meadow that he knew the Catalyst stayed in often. He felt the vibrations of her power from miles away and came to the source. He stood now on the cliff that held the thin waterfall that ran into the meadow and marked the border of it. He felt the power move. She was coming. He waited where he was, he could not enter the sacred meadow.


Gabi's eyes opened slowly against Branden's shoulder, glowing with an odd light. She pulled apart and stood with hands folded in a prayer no one could understand. Branden looked terrified with Landon keeping him company in the land of the weirded out. Only Sei seemed to understand what was happening, even though she couldn't understand her friend's words. Her expression was crossed between utter horror and 'oh shit' while she looked on.

"I am called." Gabi whispered moments before vanishing in a wisp of smoke. Sei caught Landon's hand, squeezing it more tightly than intended. He pulled her close and tried to comfort her.

"Ma'am, what in sam hell is going on?" Branden asked, using one of his father's favorite phrases.

"Call me Sei, and one of Them is here for her. Probably Their leader." She replied. "She should be alright. Black doesn't want her dead and none of them can enter the" — every one froze. "Dark can draw her outside of the Meadow. I don't know if she's strong enough to pull away from him yet. You stall, I'm getting Suri." The twins exchanged glances as Sei vanished. They followed after Gabi.


Come dear one. Catalyst you are so close to me. I feel you coming to my call. Come to my waiting arms, come into the fall. Eyes glimmered brilliant crimson from the black mist, the only thing visible other than the dim outline of a tall man. Dark saw her coming moments before she touched the mist. She was pretty. She was pale and small looking in his sight, appearing far too frail to be strong. Still, he felt the power radiating from her and cringed momentarily. She was not one he would wish to make angry.

He smiled as she brushed the mist. Her wardrobe changed entirely. She now had on a deep starless-night sky colored dress that seemed to be made of the shimmering mist that hovered around the hidden man and her hair pulled itself up into a waterfall of curls. Her eyes took on a dull, hollow appearance as she stepped into his arms. Her pale skin looked of silver moonlight in the midst of a pitch night after she completely entered the mist, the only one visible inside. He smiled down at her, cool and calculating yet respectful. He admired the look of her dark soul: the low off the shoulder dress, form fitting then flowing to the appearance of floating about her legs and the wide warlock's sleeves and artful rips in the bodice and skirt; her near black hair, half up with curls cascading over her shoulders; and her wrists and ankles adorned with silver and ebony bracelets while a silver and black twined circlet sat on her head. She had the air of true, pure darkness.

He noticed she had put up no struggle yet and grew curious. And then it hit him. Literally. There was a brilliant flash of pure white light and she stood facing him with clear eyes. The left half of her dress was now white and covered her once bare shoulder while the right remained black and off the shoulder with a rip on her waist and up the side of the skirt. The bangles changed their color accordingly the right remained ebony and silver, the left yellow and pure white gold. The circlet was now four twined colors: yellow and pure white gold, and ebony and silver. A white feathered angel's wing sprouted on the left side of her back, while on the right a great black dragon's wing took its place. Gabi folded them halfway in as her dark brown eyes focused on him. "You cannot control me. You will leave now. My decision is yet unmade."

"We shall see about that." He growled, raising a glowing hand toward her. She merely looked at him calmly and raised her own slim left hand and gave a tiny flick of her wrist. The man in the black mists went flying. She took a small, slow step toward the shroud of black mist and stopped, looking coolly at the master it hid.

"We shall indeed. This is not your place, return to your shadows. You are unfit to tread in light, your cover proves that." She spoke evenly and without emotion.


The twins stood in awe of what they saw. She moved effortlessly and subdued the creature that had 'caught' her with a small flick of her wrist. She wasn't the same person from before that held the little boy in her arms trying not to cry as she rocked him to sleep. She was stronger and more composed in emotion, and she had a more commanding air that did not command respect but ordered it. The transformation had been triggered by who or what ever was in that dark haze. One thing was unclear to them, "What the hell is she?"

"The Catalyst. The beginning of the end." A young girl who looked very much like Gabi appeared beside Landon, the one who had spoken. "She is the power both to heal and to destroy. She is here to maintain the balance between Light and Black and prevent the world from falling into the hands of Oblivion. I am Takahashi Surina, you may call me Suri."

Branden looked at the woman, "Pleased to meet you. Will she-?"

"Be alright, yes. Remember anything, doubtful." Suri turned her green flecked hazel gaze on the dark haired brother. "Montgomery-sama was right. You are exactly what Gabi would fall for. And you"- her attentions turned on Landon-"the same for Osei-chan. He will not be pleased if you like either of them of course. He will get over it I suppose for such is life."

Branden blinked for a moment. "Fall for?" Landon blinked in agreed confusion while they looked at the new comer.

"Hai, and from what Osei-chan has told me Branden-sama already cares inexplicably for our little Koneko-chan." She replied shortly.

"Koneko-chan?" The twins chorused, "What is a Koneko-chan?"

"Kitten, it means kitten. That is her nickname if you hadn't noticed. Of course to HIM she will always be Lady Child." Sei shrugged popping in on Suri's other side.

"GAH! Don't do that!!!!!!" The twins jumped to Sei's amusement.

"Osei-chan. You know they're new to their powers. That wasn't very nice." Suri scolded biting back her own giggles. "She's about to pass out. C'mon, it's leaving. Let's get her before she comes to in one of her truer forms. She'd flip the fuck out."

"No kidding. And wouldn't He be a damn sight? He'd be so angry nobody within a thousand mile radius would be safe. His precious Lady Child find out she was the Catalyst before she was prepared? Dear lord that would be the fiasco to end all, ne?" Sei shook her head in agreement while they put her back the way she was before her transformation. "I love the girl to death, but He is far to over protective of her. She doesn't even know that He's"-

"Shhh, she's coming around!" Suri hurriedly shushed her best friend. They crowded around the small girl when dark brown orbs began to flutter open, gates to a world unknown even to her.

"Suri-chan, Osei-chan, where am I?" Gabi muttered groggily.

Branden brushed a strand of dark hair from her face and smiled down at her, "You're alright. We came outside and you collapsed. You wanted to show Landon and myself the meadow."

"Montgomery-sama was right, you are kind. Though I don't think he likes me, I am glad he would not lie to me." She smiled looking up at him, her hair a dark halo about her. She sat up slowly. "Montgomery-sama is your father, yes?"

"He is." Branden replied supporting her when she grew momentarily dizzy. She yawned cutely once and Branden thought he was going to die. She was too adorable and he was holding her.

"Your sister is a good friend of mine. I like her. I didn't know about your names or anything of what you looked like, but I was glad that I finally got to meet you. Your family speaks so highly of you." She managed to say before yawning again. "I am sorry; I'm just so tired all of a sudden."

The pair of women nodded knowingly. Branden continued to smile softly, but a glimmer of worry slipped into his clear blue eyes, "It's alright. You should sleep then. You can scarcely keep your eyes open." Another tiny yawn later, her pale face was calm and relaxed in a state of peaceful sleep. She curled up and faced him as he held her in his arms. He was left in a flabbergasted state. "What do I do? She's asleep and I don't want to wake her, yet it seems so improper to sit her and hold her. I-"

"-Worry far too much young Montgomery-han." Suri cut him off. "Pick her up and follow me. Re-i and 'Suki won't bother over her too much, just enough it will be safe to leave her with them while we report this incident."

"Alright. . . This should end well. . . Come on you two. We have much to do and a short time before she wakes." Sei sighed leading the way back to Suri's cottage on the other side of the spirit realm. Suri excused her self from the group, back to Gabi's body, where she was needed.