Flash Flood

I await with bated breath the release of the torrent

Throw the floodgates open

And let me be claimed by your black water

Let it rise high and fast

I fear not

I rejoice

That I may drown me in you


At heart

I am a lover

It took many years

For the dead layers of my soul to fall away

Revealing a fleshy pink bud

And when it peeked out of its hiding place

I thrust it out into the world

In hopes that it might find pollen

To perk its petals open

But it was too new

Too young

And meeting with this first sign of frost

It has frozen where stands

To awaken only in the

Warmth and rain of spring

Or perhaps not

Perhaps it is dead


The moment I felt the glassy smoothness of your smile

I was lost in its light

Drowning in a vast ocean

Of porcelain smoothness


The wild sky enveloped me

A maelstrom of salt and sepia tone

But your voice cleared the clouds

And now my storm is a secret, smoky, passion

That smiles out of the corner of my eye

When you walk by


Stay with me

Under this cover of darkness

Of velvet laughter

And leave the world to care for its self

Just for a little while


Taste my lips

I promise they will linger

Like sunlight caught in the curtains

Like perfume hanging in the air

After I'm gone

Punch Drunk

You hold the universe between us

Yet if you would let my heart be yours

You would drink deep of a dark desire

And wake to a champagne morning

Bubbles giggling to the surface

On The Merits of Power

The hand of god

Can shake the foundations of eternity

And picks stars from the sky to do with as he pleases

But can he make my foundations crumble

Or make the skies fall at my feet

Like you can

Close your eyes

The stars are getting