some days i think i'm better off with out you. most days, i can't figure out how to stop falling for you.

i'm never going to be able to forget that day in the basement. october 24, 6:10 pm, you kissed me. i want to hate you for leading me on like that, but it's also the best thing that's happened to me this far.
it never went much further than that. for some reason, i thought it would. i guess we both did at the time.

what can i say, we were young and foolish.

so by now you'd think i'd be over you. well, an outsider would. you, you know better. you i know i fell way too hard for this to be over anytime soon. you know that i think i might have fallen for something real this time, and i'm too scared to get up for fear of falling again.
some days i think you're over me. some days, i know you're not. practically promising me i'd get laid next year if your college is close enough to school reminds me that you felt this too.

signing off with "i'm going bye" still makes me wonder though.