A/N: I wrote this when I was bored... I've no plans of continuing it, sorry you guys.


The air was crisp, and patches of earth were still damp, he knew through the scent, that winter still did not cease, and he didn't want it too. He watched where he stood, his paws supporting him on top of a very large gray boulder, different vivid colors etched into his mind as the wind began to make leaves and blades of grass dance. He turned to the side, and noticed the clumps of fur along the low branches of the older trees. Another scent made his ears perk up, and he turned in the direction that the wind carried, it was the faint fragrance of earth and cinnamon. There, beside him, stood the one with powerful claws and scent, a white wolf by the name of Sol, their pack leader. This was the young wolf's family, a place with those of his kind.

Several smaller wolves stood off in the distance some several kilometers away, their fur did not glow, which meant they were not of their kind, and they howled rather loudly. 'They're asking if they can pass…' he thought looking back at Sol. Sol's pack in turn replied with their own howl, the young wolf howled alongside with them.

"You're going back to school tomorrow, right?" Sol asked looking at his son. The black furred wolf looked away, swaying his tail down to the earth, picking up dust along the large boulder. "Edward…" Sol wanted him to look into his eyes.

"It's not that… I mean…" the wolf sighed, and felt his shoulder droop, and his ears fell back. "I'm afraid. Her scent, it drives me insane, Father!" Edward responded in a harsh whisper. "I want to rip her to shreds, just to feel the taste of her blood, to see if it's sweeter than honey…" he was ashamed of himself and turned his back to Sol, the white wolf.

"You insisted that you go with your own unique pack, and I warned you." Sol said shifting his yellow eyes away from his dark coated pup. "Do what you want, but we do not, under any circumstance kill humans, you know that very well Edward."

"That young fox is having the same problem…" Edward said looking back at his father for a moment. "Is it because we're still pups?" he asked looking at the wise yellow eyes before him.

His father didn't answer, he merely scoffed and looked away. Edward knew what he was thinking of 'how dare a son of mine compare himself to a lowly fox'. The dark furred wolf looked down trying to find something else to talk about. His ear perked up as he heard another wolf howl several miles away. 'It's so sad…' he thought. 'Her little one is lost…' the wolf's howl stretched as far as the winds could carry it.

The smell of nicotine made his senses falter for a bit, as he looked up at his closest group of friends. This was, in their own way, a strategy of getting Edward's mind off the scent of a young female. It worked to an extent, until a mahogany haired individual couldn't stand it anymore.

"Fine, but if Edward kills her…" this one that spoke had the scent of 'demon' on them. His name was Aden, he was slightly tan and fit, averaging roughly around 6 feet, with dark yellow colored eyes, and shaggy locks of black hair, with noticeable claws. This demon lied about the truth of his eyes, passing them off as contacts to those called 'humans', turning heads whichever way he walked in public.

"He's not going to kill her…" someone else spoke out, a slightly paler individual. This person was as tall as Aden, but he carried the scent of the undead. His name was Peter a breathing corpse, with dark chocolate hair, and matching eyes, but at times they changed depending on his mood. He stood within the shadows of a stationed building.

"We're not going to let him anyway…" another individual yawned. Crimson like eyes stared back at him, and Edward gave a wicked smile, showing off the fangs he held. "Hurry up and eat…" he said softly giving a simple smile; Edward noticed the fox's fangs they had grown.

"You guys and your fangs…" Aden couldn't help but interrupt. Peter, without a second thought placed his pale cold hand over the demons mouth, and he growled.

"Let them be… they're still kids." Peter said softly in a caring voice.

"I hate being a pup…" the fox said softly watching Edward bit into a turkey sandwich. "I hate wearing' this damn hat too…" he said angrily, at any moment he could've shredded the striped black and white beanie. This fox's name was Lecra, someone who mentally was still as young as Edward.

The demon, the undead, and the wolf, ditched their return to school to visit the little trickster, by the name of Lecra. It didn't matter to Aden and Peter, they had repeated high school countless of times. Lecra was home schooled, and Edward was just as responsible as any other person. It was the second semester of their junior year, and things seemed very dull with the exception of Edward's little dilemma.

"Just talk to her…" Lecra said softly leaning against one of the pillars of a white colored building.

"Yeah if only it were that simple…" Aden scoffed. "Their scents are very… what's the word, Peter?"

"Oh, yeah how is your human mate anyway?" Lecra asked noticing the flash of yellow in Peter's eyes. 'Doesn't seem pleased now…' the fox thought stepping back a bit.

"Aw, come on Peter, don't leave us in suspense. How's her evolution going?" Aden asked, he was concerned for the well being of Peter's mate. The vampire looked away trying to find something simple to say, but he couldn't manage to find a single word in his mind. But at once, looking up at the light in the distance he found his lips parting:

"Painful…" he said softly, shielding his eyes from the downcast sun. "She's asking to see her friends again, but she's not ready…"

"Poor little kid." Aden said softly looking away. "You did it this past summer, didn't you?" he asked. Recently Peter had distanced himself from their little unique pack for quite some time. The vampire didn't say anything, and moved his head down in a small gesture.

"So then, that means she's going on that diet, isn't she?" both Edward and Lecra asked. Peter nodded and wrinkled his nose. The others in turn looked off into the distance, people walked by unaware of what walked among them. In a crowd, from the sidewalk across, there was a small group of individuals walking south. A scent of a familiar girl caught Edward's attention. Lecra placed a hand on the tense shoulders of the wolf boy, and shook his head.

"She's like a shark…" Peter said softly as the sun began to reflect off of the windows of nearby buildings. "She would've killed Edward's interest right now…"

"Not if I got there first…" Edward said staring at the individual from afar, he was completely unaware of the rough tone in his throat. He yelped feeling a firm hand connect with his skull, and he twitched looking up at Aden.

"Ed get a hold of yourself." The demon said rubbing the back of his own head now. Edward's fist had nicked him in almost the same manner. "Anyway… hey weren't you supposed to do something for your dad right about now?"

"…" Edward through long and hard and looked back at Lecra, he was lost in a conversation with Peter.

"You're supposed to go and pick up the meat…" Lecra said looking at the young werewolf. Edward laughed nervously as he started to express his departure.

The earth was still damp just as it was seasons ago, and his paws felt the earth stand still as he moved across it. He moved like the wind, with his paws pushing him off of the ground every so often. His dark yellow colored eyes guided him through the unmarked trails. Sure it was the longer way to do his father's errand, but the wolf in him was aching for a good run. He breathed in and out as he ran through the woods, breathing in the scent that the forest had to offer him. He could hear the sound of cars, and he could smell exhaust fumes, and many other things within the city.

His bones cracked, and his snout began to grow down in his. His tail began to shorten before entering his spine. His body jerked side to side as he stood up on his hind legs, and he tried his best not to cry out in pain. Turning back to human form was the second most painful thing he had ever experienced. He sniffed the air and looked off to the right, within the hollow trunk of a tree he noticed the clothes he wore today. He pulled them out hastily dressing himself under the cover of thick bushes.

"Dad's gonna kill me…" Edward mumbled zipping up his pants and hastily tying his shoes. He grabbed the red hooded sweater and placed it over his head. He didn't feel cold at all, but it was just out of habit that he wore warm clothing during the winter season.

He found himself on the sidewalk, mere inches away from the place he was supposed to be, and sighed as he placed his foot on the first step. The hair on the back of his neck began to rise up, a familiar scent caught his attention and he started to panic. 'Maybe she's getting ready to leave… and she won't see me,' he thought making his way up the third step. Her scent still lingered in the area, and he tried to focus on his objective. 'I'm here to pick up the meat…' he thought to himself that was his mantra for right now.

Edward found himself under the lights of a supermarket, with dozens upon dozens of people, which meant different scents all around. He sighed in relief as he could focus on one scent for now, that was the steak. The young wolf in disguise traversed along the grain products, and passed through the feminine hygiene area without awkwardness. He didn't have time to follow around, he was after all bringing his family their dinner. 'Rice… darn it I need to buy rice, steak sauce, and napkins…' he thought putting his head down at the thought.

"…huh?" he felt something deep within one pocket of his cargo pants. 'Dad gave it to me before I left for school…' he thought grinning at the crisp thirty dollar bill before his very eyes. "I guess today's my lucky day…" he thought stopping before the counter of the little meat department. He looked at a small red device, and pulled out a number on the little tab. "72…" he said to himself.

'Now Serving 55' the little electronic display read. It didn't surprise him; it was his fault for losing track of time with his little nature expedition through the national park. He decided to go and get a deserted cart from the checkout stand. He walked back the way he came from, and paused several inches away from the feminine department. The scent was back, it smelled like vanilla and oriental wood. It was like a drug to him, and there he saw the carrier of that aroma.

She tilted her head looking at the young adolescent in the red hooded sweater, and felt her ears grow hot, and her cheeks. She looked down at her hand and looked at the little number from the meat area. 'Your number is 69' she couldn't help but laugh at the cruel joke fate was giving her.

"Hey Edward!" she said waving slightly. Edward broke out of his daze and waved his hand slightly.

'Vanilla, why vanilla?' he thought to himself as he walked past her. He felt her eyes on him and he stopped looking back at her. She wanted to say something, and she laughed nervously.

"You didn't show up for school today…" she said softly looking up at him. Her light brown eyes were mesmerizing, and her features were perfectly crafted in his eyes. He was afraid though that their eye contact would reveal him for what he truly was. She looked at him, watching his yellow tinted hazel eyes. "You okay, Edward?"

"Yeah… sorry Nicolle." Edward said rubbing the back of his head, teasing his black hair for a moment. "I, erm, gotta go get a cart…"

"Oh, all right then. Um, guess I'll see you at school tomorrow, right?" He nodded in response and walked down to the little carts, he passed the horrors of the feminine department and saw the checkout stands in the distance as he walked closer and closer. He grabbed the rubber like handle upon reaching the checkout stand, he was successful in finding a cart, and walked back, picking up a bag of rice, and heading off to the utensil area. He grabbed a couple of extra things, plastic forks and knives, some more napkins, and disposable cups.

He treated the cart like a little toy, pushing himself against it, riding it was fast as he could down the aisle, just something to do to pass the time until his number was called out. Half an hour passed, and he looked up at the little speakers on the ceiling as a voice chimed out:

"Now calling number 69…" the voice said in a monotone voice, Edward could hear the laughter in the background. He found himself laughing as well. The teen figured that his number was up pretty soon as well and went back to the meat section, passing the alcoholic drinks along the way.

In the distance he saw Nicolle holding a white bag, labeled with the market's logo. He couldn't help but just say what was on his mind.

"So… you were number 69?" he asked getting within hearing range of Nicolle. He watched her face turn red in embarrassment, her skin was light enough, and it was visible with her hair color as well. Edward apologized and watched as Nicolle tried her best to relax, she didn't like being teased in public, she was too shy.

"…" she couldn't help but laugh now. "Yeah, I mean it's funny, plus that's what I get for coming here late." Nicolle said pushing back some strands of dark brown. "You probably came late here too, right?"

"Yeah…" he couldn't help but inhale her scent, he loved it, and craved it all at the same time. 'I wonder… if she her blood taste like vanilla…' he mentally kicked himself in the head. His senses were heightened as she walked past him, she bumped into him without being aware of the affect she placed on him. "Nicolle… hey do you want to wait up for me? I kinda don't want to go by myself…"

"Really?" she arched an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly. "Well I guess I can, I mean you live by the neighborhood anyway…" Edward felt like a little kid at this point. He was jumping up and down within his mind, but he was still afraid, once they were under the cover of night, he might lose control. "Plus I don't like it when it gets dark…"

"It's dusk…" Edward said shortly before his number was called out over the counter and over the speakers of the market. He asked Nicolle to watch his cart, and walked briskly over to the counter grabbing the several pounds of steak. Nicolle watched him with interest, and felt a smile forming over her lips. They had known each other since middle school, but they didn't have any type of conversation until this following junior year.

"Thanks." He said softly as he placed the meat at the bottom of the cart. He took hold of the cart and pushed it down the aisle as Nicolle followed him, their steps were in synch. For now the only thing stopping him were the many witnesses that were around him. 'Just you wait…' he thought, and again he caught himself in the act. Her scent was putting him in a hazy.

Weeks had passed, and the scent still bothered him, yet he craved it at the same time, he didn't want to hurt the creature that produced the scent. That day at the market, he was amazed at his self control, and he was more than glad. Edward waited for her at the entrance of the high school when they were dismissed from their classes, and they walked home together that was their little ritual. It was there he found out that she was a good friend of Peter's mate, Marie, on one of their walks.

"It would've been nice if she gave us a heads up…" Nicolle said softly and sighed. "But I mean that's okay, I could go and visit her, but…"

"She's been sick, hasn't she?" Edward asked, and Nicolle nodded, adjusting her glasses for a moment.

"Yeah that's what her mom told me." Nicolle said. "Hey," she remembered something. "Your friend, Peter, he's with her right?"

"I don't think Peter would tell you, let alone tell me…" Edward said softly. "He likes keeping his personal life on the DL."

"That's like him…" she said smiling as she looked at the house to her right. "Well…" she said softly placing a hand on his back. "See you tomorrow, same time like always?"

"You know it." Edward said flashing her a gentle smile. For right now, he decided it was best to act as humanly possible, and try not to scare her so much. He waved goodbye, watching her wave back from the steps of her porch. He felt something flutter around in his stomach, he felt it kept him calm, and the natural instincts in him started to die down, maybe it was because he was acting too human.

"Tonight…" he said to himself as he walked down the sidewalk. "I'll sing something for you…" he thought out loud. That was the only way he could express himself right now.